Thursday, 8 January 2009

Experimental Travel _ Ada


It all began with a plastic doll...

and a book: The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel.
  • Hypothesis:
See the world through the eyes of a mascot.
  • Apparatus:
- a mascot: her name is Ada
- a camera
- a big envelope
- a stamp
- a postcard
  • Method:
- Receive the mascot: Ada from the previous "mascot-traveller"

- Take her picture outside your favourite sights: famous landmark, favourite shop ...

- Send me your pictures by email with the exact location.

- Send Ada further to the next "mascot-traveller" along with a postcard (you can write a quote, recommend a book, a movie...)

It's totally useless, just a original way of travelling and sharing something you like about the city you live in. Ada's photo album should look like we were never there, like Ada did this on her own.

You can see the result here.



  1. I've heard of this before! Pretty cool :)



  2. this is so cool.
    i want to do one!!
    molly x

  3. Cute Idea :)
    Oh and i FINALLY have that brown and grey outfit(s) for you! Check out my blog.

  4. ive heard of this, so cool x

  5. oh wow. this is an interesting idea =)