Sunday, 20 September 2009

À La Recherche Du Temps Perdu...

Go on a trip to Egypt with my mom
Get at least two other tattoos
Travel to India, New Zealand, Alaska...
Ride in a hot-air balloon (stole that idea from Liz)
Have a photo lab at my place
Learn how to play cello
Bungee jumping
Buy an old photobooth and move it to my living room
Read the seven volumes of Proust's In Search of Lost Time
Go back to San Francisco
Make my own clothes
Be completely debt-free
Be happy


  1. Here's what I wrote a few months ago in my notebook:
    - take photo courses
    - learn guitar (without breaking the strings this time)
    - re-learn piano
    - take jazz and opera singing courses
    - spend Christmas in Santa Claus's country
    - be in love with someone in love with me (romantic time...)
    - buy a house with my best friends in the south-east of France
    - live in NYC
    - travel arounf Africa
    - dare to jump with a parachute
    - dance modern-jazz again
    - write books
    - have a huge and cozy library
    - teach my chidlren how to be happy
    - learn tango in Buenos Aires
    - doa road trip through the US and Canada, then through Ireland and Scotland


  2. This is a lovely list! Here's an idea of how you can knock off three things on the list -- read all your Proust on the way to NZ (because the flight there and back is *so* long) and go bungee jumping in NZ too. Yay!

  3. Do it do it! I personally love these two the most: # Become the coolest mom ever
    # Have a photo lab at my place

  4. Yay!! Such a fun/great list :)

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  6. wow - that is quite the list, adeline!