Wednesday, 21 October 2009

100 ideas


# 35 - Give away something you love.

I have three Fuji polaroids for you.
Leave a comment including the word macaroni.
I'll pick a winner on Sunday.
(Oh my god my first give-away!)

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Initiated by Ana here.



  1. first giveaway! woohoo!!

    congrats girl!

  2. yay! macaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaronimacaroni


  3. Macaroni and cheese is the first meal I ever had in Australia. It was 9 a.m. the 6th of July 2009, I was completely jetlaged and my host family were totally sick and I just thought : "where the hell am I ?"

    In the end, it was the best holidays I ever had and the best host family I could have dreamed of.

    (if I have to use the word MAcaroni I should use it for a reason, shouldn't I ?)

  4. I know an amazing russian photography student, he is one of the most talented people I have ever met, and whats best about him is he is a complete sweetheart and not arrogant or big headed in any way. ANYWAY, the other night I was crying cos I coulndt sleep and I was just so so tired, he came into my room with my favourite magazine (lula btw) and a big bowl of macaroni cheese. So now I smile when I think about macaroni.

    I agree with Jul's, if I have to write the word, mayaswell make it worthwhile :)


  5. Oh Wow. MACARONI.

    Is pretty much the only meal I could cook while at was at Uni. I owe my housemates and lovely boyfriend a few meals ha!

    Love your blog by the way. So cute


  6. macaroni necklaces are so much fun and!(I might've worn one today).
    Awesome giveaway!

  7. I just want the same tree, to put all my Macaroni Necklaces, all my purse covered by beautiful colored Macaronis, all my Macaroni's earrings, and maybe I will make the tree a smile and nice blue eyes with painted Macaroni.....

  8. Si je peux émettre un avis, je pense que ta nouvelle obsession c'est plus les macaronis que les arbres, étant donné la redondance de cette pâte italienne dans tes propos ces derniers temps...
    Je me souviens d'un mail.. !

    Bref, si tu veux pour le réveillon, on se fait une soirée macaroni, au Moshi Moshi, avec des ballons dans la bagnoire : un réveillon multiculturel, à la hauteur de notre bande de poulettes expatriées....
    Des bisous !

    J'ajouterai : "Bouge ton gros macaroni, pute. fais le rebondir !"

  9. Princesse... comme à ton habitude la grande classe !! c'est presque obscène cette histoire de "bouge ton gros macaroni"

  10. O no I've missed out on the polaroid and now must console myself with eating macaroni :( I can't draw either so I've had to reinterpret some of the drawing ones on the list.

  11. bouh :(
    So Ana, you must send a picture of your gift, just to be sure we don't want to eat macaroni anymore.
    For when an other give away?
    Love you darling!

    P.S : you are not alloweded to send a polaroid of my bathtub full of balloon! Or just to me .... :)