Saturday, 21 November 2009

Have you met Mademoiselle Robot?

Meet Laetitia, aka Mademoiselle Robot.
One of my favourite bloggers in the whole wild world.

Fashion blogs can easily become really pretentious and egocentric: "Oh look those amazing (expensive) shoes I have", "Oh look at this amazing event I attended" etc etc... but Mademoiselle Robot is a blogger of another kind. She does have a great style and an amazing wardrobe, she'd have the opportunity to show off every single day but still she doesn't take herself seriously and is very accessible.

Before talking about her style, let me quote her blog and name a few things I really like about her (warning: might sound cheesy). I don't mean to be ecstatic but she is amazing so what to do?

"One thing you must know before I go, is that I am completely fluent in squirrel. If there is a squirrel anywhere in a park, I can call it and it comes and sits by my feet, or does a little dance, it depends. I SWEAR ON MY LIFE. On Sunday, I called about 5 (FIVE) squizzers in 5 minutes. This is one of them:

"He says "hi" by the way."

"All this to say, don't bother spending all your hard earned cash on the Chanel Jade... I know it is all trendy and shit at the moment, but still. If you want mint green, just get good old Barry M. It lasts for about 150 years (no joke) and the colour is really nice and bright."

And she's had the balls to make a major change by becoming a redhead and has for that reason earned my ever-lasting respect and devotion. And she has the funniest Mood-O-Meter on Twitter.

* Blogging

* I'm pretty sure you've already been asked those two questions many many many times before (sooorry) but I have to ask again: Why this name: Mademoiselle Robot?

I like robots a lot. And I am a Mademoiselle. Also, it used to be my "dj" name when I still lived in Paris. Then it became my online name. So when I started my blog, it just made sense to call it "Mademoiselle Robot". There really isn't more thought behind it!

* How did you get rid of you French accent when speaking English?

I didn't really! I suppose I had a great teacher in high school (I started learning English at 11 in 6eme). He managed to teach me English with an English accent. I still have a foreign accent when I speak English, but people don't always guess where I am from.

* When did you start blogging and why?

I have always more or less had an online presence, but it was private. First on DiaryLand, then on LiveJournal... I even had a dormant blogger account for many years, but never got into it.
When I was on Maternity Leave, after Mila was born, I had this urge to start writing again and so I started my blog. Initially just to keep up with myself and to write little snippets. I didn't really share it with anyone apart from my friends who were already reading me on LJ (real life friends I mean). So yeah, I suppose it was fueled by a desire to get back to writing. I had to stop working as a journalist when I left Paris, and I missed it too much!

* How much time do you devote to blogging on a daily basis?

Actual writing takes me no time at all, maybe 10 min to an hour if I need to make visuals for the post other than photos. It is the rest that takes me all day (and more) - replying to emails, invoicing, preparing for styling sessions, coming up with new features, blahblahblah, you get it! Blogging is my full time job, so I start working at 8 and I generally don't stop till at least 7.

* What do you like the most about blogging? What do you like the least?

What I like the most is the control I have over what I write. But that's really the same for any job that you do for yourself. I don't do well with authority! 

What I like the least is when I see how much companies are trying to exploit bloggers for free publicity, free communication, free seo etc. A lot of bloggers are really young and are flattered when a company pays attention to them (which is normal), so they are ready to do anything in return. Truth is, promises of exposure and traffic are bullshit and don't pay the bills. I have been in the working world for long enough to see through all that crap, but it still annoys me to have to deal with morons on a daily basis!

* Fashion

*How would you describe your style?

Modern vintage / preppy with a hint of stupid. 

*Name your favorite brands, shops... 

Favourite brands - Monki that I have discovered in July is now firmly in my faves. I love Luella and I am lucky enough to have a good few pieces now. Marc by Marc Jacobs is also an old favourite. For knitwear I adore KiND, they have the best stuff, so much fun! I shop online a lot for vintage, mainly on Etsy and eBay. Actually mainly on Etsy! As for the shoes, it is a mixture of vintage, designer and Office.

* Any particular inspiration? Do you have a style icon?

My inspiration comes from everything I like really, I can't pinpoint something specific. I love animals, mid-century americana, vintage circus/funfairs/carnivale imagery, vampires, video games, simone de beauvoir, french romantics, serial killers, john waters, children's books the list is endless! I don't have a style icon but I have a lot of admiration for my grandma who had the most impeccable style. She was also really fashion forward and always elegant.

* Do you have guiding principles when it comes to creating an outfit? Colours for instance? How do you create an outfit?

Do you want the honest answer or the "i try to be interesting" answer?
The honest answer is that I don't think about my outfits that much at all. I either stick a dress, tights and a cardi on or I pick some separates that work. I don't really think of colours, I don't really think of anything. 

I put more thought into my shopping process. I only buy stuff that will work with what I already have, or stuff I need. So I know that I can pretty much wear everything I have with anything. My wardrobe is also very organised, by type of clothes, then by colours (which is mainly powder pink, mustard, grey black and white + stripey tops).

If you open my cupboard, my wardrobe looks pretty dull! When friends come over and get excited about borrowing some clothes, they generally end up looking, then closing the door with a disappointed look on their face!

To me that's the best way to know my style is really my own...

I am still trying to figure out what to say to make it sound more interesting... Erm... There you go *tugs beard* I think clothes have a philosophy and wearing them is a reflexion of *snores*. Sorry! I don't have guiding principles when it comes to my own outfits I guess! 

* What's the last piece of clothing you fell for? 

A Marc by Marc Jacobs dress with velvet tufted hearts that's making its way to me as we speak, all the way from America. Also, My So Called Heels from Modcloth, by Chinese Laundry are pretty terrific. Firstly because of their awesome name, and secondly because they are the most comfortable heels I have ever owned, even better than my Miu Miu ones!

* What's the next one you'd like to get?

My plan is to get myself a nice bag for Christmas, but not sure what I want. I am pretty difficult when it comes to bags, and I have expensive tastes! But this is good because it means while I save up I have time to think A LOT about which bag I want. 

* Life (and a good measure of curiosity)

* Other hobbies, beside fashion?

It is funny you should mention fashion, because it actually isn't a hobby! Never really was. I mean I obviously love reading fashion magazines and looking at pretty clothes. I enjoy Fashion Week and stuff, but I don't spend hours thinking about it, dissecting trends and stuff. I have a mood board but it is mainly to give direction to my own style. I am way more interested by style than by fashion.
As for the hobbies... I can spend hours and hours on the internet, not really doing anything, but soaking up with images and stuff that will come out into something creative at some point. I like taking pictures, but I am a lazy photographer as I can never be bothered to carry my big camera... I watch a lot of movies, a lot of silly TV shows (and some not so silly ones). I used to read all the time, but with a 2 year old around, it has become a luxury. Hopefully soon I will be able to get back to devouring books! I like drawing although I am not good at it, but it calms me down. Baking also relaxes me. 
Going for walks in the Spring, going for adventures in the car, driving somewhere I've never been (well I can't drive so being driven somewhere...). In Paris I used to own a Vespa, so I would often go for long rides in the city, that was so nice.
I am quite contemplative really, I like watching, observing, feeling life go by. And I like being on my own.

* Do you collect anything?

I collected pigs for some time, but it wasn't intentional. People just kept buying me pig shaped stuff because of a joke I had made once. That was ages ago though. Nowadays I don't really collect anything in that sense. But I do "collect" 50s/60s furniture and trinkets (especially ceramic animals) and I also "collect" Luella and Marc Jacobs. Although in Luella's case, the collection might end soon as... well you've heard the sad news.

* Favourite book?

Lettres à Nelson Algren - Un Amour transatlantique by Simone de Beauvoir

* Favourite movie?

There are too many to narrow it down to just one.I like Hammer horror, John Waters, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Classic Hollywood films, Basket Case 1 & 2, Zombie movies, trashy romcoms. Let me name a few...... Pink Flamingoes, Dawn of the Dead, Suspiria, Night of the hunter, Nosferatu erm... PRETTY IN PINK! WEIRD SCIENCE! Anything John Hughes, i am basically crazy about. I could go on and on...

* Favourite music?

I like folky stuff and 50s jazz. I like musicals, and silent films scores. I also enjoy cheesy disco and 80s hits...Somewhere deep down I also have a 90's indie kid sleeping. "60s girl groups" and the Sonics. Oh and the Monochrome Set and Smog and the Modern Lovers.

* Favourite food?

I don't know, I love eating, I am always up for trying something new.

* Favourite place?

Los Angeles, London, I also have a very special spot in Paris that I like.

Merci Laetitia! 


All photos belong to Mademoiselle Robot. 
Please do not use them without her permission.


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