Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Napoleon says...



I have a little package full of goodies waiting to be sent.
It includes one of Diana's beautiful prints,
a few of my photos (with a little story written on the back)
a mix CD (yes, I'm still a teenager)
and probably a few other things...

Nothing too fancy but picked with care.

To enter:

- Leave a comment telling me what you'd like to have added to the package, I can't promise you'll get it but I'll do my best.

- Pay Diana a visit and say: "hello and macaroni!", have a look at her Etsy shop and spread the word!

- If you don't understand why I love using the word macaroni in my posts, you should watch me and you and everyone we know.

I'll pick a winner on Sunday evening.
Don't be selfish, spread the word!


You do want to click on the photo below
and enter Heather's lovely give-away.




  1. Oh what a cute little give away, lovely just as it is!

  2. We saw that movie together! Even if it was not the first time for you ... And i didn't like it. And I don't remember the 'Macaroni' thing...

    But for all (not that much but rememberable) time in one's other bed to watch a movie.
    And for all the time you borrow my bear with his macaroni nose.
    And if you want to have the lego's head ... almost already gone by the way!

  3. Alors moi je voudrais que tu me rajoutes un badge home made... Oui, oui, oui ... !
    Mais comme je gagne jamais à ce machin...
    Enfin, je vais essayer d'aller voir le blog de Diana puisque je suis une ingrate sinon.. :)
    Bisous doux

  4. Oh fun. I would love a pony to come in my package. Just kidding.

  5. this giveaway sounds perfect, thank you for hosting this and being so generous! :)

  6. aww i just adore diana:) and her etsy shop. what a cute personal giveaway!

  7. My dear Adeline d'amouuuuuuur,

    I'd like you to make me a postcard with a bird because I love your bird-drawings (at least I think I recall your drawings... am I wrong?)!!! and of course a personal note telling me how awsome I am <3 ! Mouahahahaha !

    I said "Hello and macaroni" on Diana's blog today and already checked the etsy corner loooooooooong time ago(you're good at advertising you know!)!

    Do I win ??? ;)

  8. awww i love Diana and i love that you are doing this! this is such a cute idea! and mix cd's are the best!

  9. Great giveaway! Very much a fan of Diana's work and of mixed tapes. Also very much enjoyed 'Me and you and everyone we know', but can't remember the 'macaroni' reference. I definitely need to see it again. Regarding the adding to the giveaway, maybe some type of candy? I love getting candies I may not know of... and I'm betting Norway has some good ones.♥

  10. Ooooh, I´d love if you could add some Oslo-smell. Rhubarb-vanilla-tea from Stockfleths. The time you´re coming to Trondheim for Kaizers. A photo of our names in the wardrobe, side by side.

    Popping over to Diana´s now! :)

  11. thaks, I aodre Dianas shop and I tweeted your giveaway. :-) I like things that are hand made.

  12. Yeah I love it !!!! you always have great ideas for giveaways. So... if you had to add something else to this already really big package, I will add a Chrismas decoration for my Christmas tree.
    Ok for the moment I don't have my own Christmas tree, but I love Christmas trees and I love decoration that are special, that you have to explain what they are to your friends/children/parents when they look at the tree.
    It's probably a catholic heritage of my grand mother this "always need to explain" thing.
    anyway, I'm pretty sure you can do some awesome Christmas decorations even if it is not for my tree or this give away.

    As for Diana's blog, it was the first time I posted a comment even if I read her almost every day, and it is bad to make me stop at her etsy shop because I tried to buy things, but my paypal account said something weird about verification so now I'm frustrated because I can't have the cards I had chosen... bouhouhou I'll try again later gnark gnark (people like us should never been given credit cards, you said once)

  13. Good things to use the dice, it's more fun, more fair, I just can't wait for the next one!!!!

  14. What an adorable little giveaway package. I love it! :) So sweet.

  15. so i am obv very late to this but i was catching up on blog reading and found you and think you're pretty.

    and this was a lovely giveaway, one i was sad to miss. i like the little things and that makes your giveaway fancy.