Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Photographic Diary: Diana


Why do you take photos?
I take photos because it's become a part of my daily life. Like getting up to brush my teeth, drink, eat, and shower, a camera is available to me at all times.

Why does it matter to you?
At times, it gets me out of bed. I work from home and when work days are slow, I need all the motivation I can get to lift myself up. A Polaroid? Which 35 mm camera? Digital and what should I do with it? It's like Christmas day on the outcome. Even on the busiest days, I still somehow find a moment to capture it.

Why do you need it?
It's a hobby for myself. I do everything for my husband and my family and photography is the one thing I can call all mine.

A self-portrait...



Diana is an inspiration in many ways.
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My favourite is her introductions.