Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Have you met Whimsical Agnesiga?

Meet Agnese, aka Whimsical Agnesiga.

When i stumbled upon Agnese's blog, it was love at first sight.

I love someone who has a great style but also doesn't take oneself too seriously. Each of her outfits is very feminine and original. Not only does she have a great sense of fashion but you can also tell she has fun dressing up. It never looks fake or over-the-top. Great balance between the clothes, the accessories and dead gorgeous shoes!

After browsing through her blog for an hour, I was very curious. So curious I considered learning Latvian... till I thought an interview could also do the trick.

* Blogging

* First could you tell me a little bit about yourself? You're from Latvia, right? I noticed you speak French... Have you ever lived in France?

I'm 27 years old, I love to smile (though I'm afraid it is some kind of reflex), I love fairy tale-ish interior design and of course, I love shoes. I am from Latvia, yes. I do speak French (now I do read in French, not so keen about talking though, as I haven't done it in a long time). I studied in Amiens, France for 3 months, while in university, where I majored in French and French culture. So here I am - your little Latvian madame Marie Antoinette. I also lived in Japan for a year, studied in private girl highschool and lived in Japanese family.

* When did you start blogging and why?

Not so long ago - this year on 22nd of July. My good friend, photo reporter and also the author of most of my fashion pics on my blog, used to tell me that I ought to have a blog. And then in middle of summer I come back from a music festival and started to wonder how's the Wordpress working. It turned out, it is pretty easy to start a blog - I did it in no time - 2 hours.

* How much time do you devote to blogging?

I try to post once a day or every other day. As a journalist myself, I know, that the reader is much like a spoiled child - he/she wants everything and now. Or else he/she will not come back again. Or will, if the blog is particularly interesting.

* Ever thought of blogging in English?

Yup. Again - that is my friend-photographer, who advises me to start blog in English. And I will eventually. When there will be at least 1000 clicks a day on my blog from my Latvian readers (now it's around 850), I will consider that Latvian "market" is conquered and it's time to move on to wider waters.

* What do you like the most about blogging? What do you like the least?

I like to be noticed. That is not my goal but I like it as a factor which comes alongside my passions --> fashion, blogging and journalism. Also I like when people say - I inspire them. Coz me myself I like to be inspired. The least favourite thing is that sometimes I'm to lazy to update the blog or post a bunch of photos with the "help" of my slow internet provider. Other than that - no problems at all.

* Fashion

* How would you describe your style?

Whimsical. That is why my blog is called Whimsical Agnesiga. The 2nd word is my nickname from "Agnese". And quirky too. And sometimes (or always, as my boss reckons) freaky. Well, I like to play with my style.

* Name your favorite brands, shops... Where do you get those amazing shoes of yours???

Eveything vintage with no name (particularly accessories). Topshop (dooh :)). Ebay (where I get my shoes). Etsy. My mum, who makes amazing brooches and head pieces. Latvian designers. I like unique stuff.

* Any particular inspiration? Do you have a style icon?

Hmm. Lately I'm inspired by watching America's, Australia's and Britain's Next Top Model. Hope you know that TV show by Tyra Banks? Especially I love British edition as I do love the British street style the best. I'm afraid I've got no style icon, I have my fashion cities instead (London, Tokyo, NY), where I get my inspiration from. Well, Carrie Bradshaw doesn't count.

* Do you have guiding principles when it comes to creating an outfit? Colours for instance? How do you create an outfit?

When thinking of what to wear the next day, mostly it's shoes which comes around first. Or some statement headpiece. And then I build everything else around it. My principle Nr1 is: have one statement piece, everything else is just canvas for the painting.

* What's the last piece of clothing you fell for?

A head piece in London's Topshop - a white tiara with feathers, a bit like Brazilian festival, a bit ballet, a bit Art Deco. Wore it in my vintage market last Saturday and felt like a princess.

* What's the next one you'd like to get?

Actually my wardrobe is now full with stuff after the travel to USA and the vintage market, so no need for the next one. But I do have a plan to use one Latvian designer shop to make pants for my BF as I am working on the texts for their upcoming webpage. They offered to sew something for me, but I'll ask them to style my BF instead :)

* Life (and a good measure of curiosity)

* Other hobbies, beside fashion?

Movies. A lot of movies. And lately I started a huge interest for redesigning my apartment. It's partly fashion though, but let it count ok? :)

* Do you collect anything?

This will come as a surprise to you - I collect shoes :))

* Favourite book?

Time Traveler's Wife. 

* Favourite movie?

Elisabeth and the sequel Elisabeth: The Golden Age with Cate Blanchet. Marie Antoinette by Sophie Coppola. Lost in Translation. And so on and so on. Movies come and go, but the love for them stays.

* Favourite music?

Coldplay. Romantic stuff. Almost everything what my BF suggests me and puts in my iPhone.

* Favourite food?

Potatoe chips. That's my addiction, for heaven's sake! And I even don't try to change there anything. It would be useless as I know myself till the core. At least for the chips.

* Favourite place?

Home. Everything where my BF is with me. Parks in every country in the world provided there is a warm sun and a book or magazine in my hands.

* Favourite quote?

All the good things come in small portions.

Thank you Agnese!


All photos belong to Whimsical Agnesiga. 
Please do not use them without her permission.


  1. she is quite spectacular. thanks for such an interesting and fun interview, adeline! xx

  2. Yes, her blog and style are awesome, but I also love the fact that thanks to this interview I found one more spectacular blog to read and keep on my blogroll- Yours! :D Have a nice day!

    Cheers, Paula