Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My Boy Builds Coffins

29 tidbits about me:

#1 - I would love to learn Icelandic.
#2 - I tend to sulk whenever a friend makes fun of me... I'm five years old.
#3 - My grandma brought me a crocodile purse from one of her trips to Guinea when I was a little girl. I've always thought it was a treasure and finally started using it only two years ago.
#4 - My favourite nail colour is Gray. Can't wait to get my hands on the Chanel Particulière though.
#5 - I hate Autumn. Boring.
#6 - Méli-mélo (mish mash in French) is one of my favourite words.
#7 - I am a Tumblr junkie.
#8 - In my previous flat, all our plants were named after a Greek figure. I have a thing for Greek mythology.
#9 - I am currently addicted to Florence & the Machine.
#10 - One of my favourite guilty pleasures is The Girl & the Robot by Röyksopp, I can't help it.
#11 - I have the biggest celebrity crush on Viggo Mortensen.
#12 - I think Lady Gaga is brilliant.
#13 - Movies I can watch again and again and again:
Garden State - Me & You & Everyone We Know - Groundhog Day - Back to the Future.
#14 - In a past life, I was a professional killer.
#15 - My alarm clock plagues me. Every morning.
#16 - I have five snow globes on my desk.
#17 - I love liquorice ice cream.
#18 - I wish I could draw better, like Naomi Rose.
#19 - I have to watch "The Lord of the Rings" at least once a year.
#20 - I heart Björk. Always did. Always will.
#21 - I truly believe cheese is the best thing on Earth.
#23 - I used to read a lot more.
#24 - I've never watched Star Wars.
#25 - I'm very proud I learned Norwegian all by myself.
#26 - I miss talking Sign Language on a daily basis.
#27 - I'd like to learn how to knit.
#28 - I want a pair of yellow brogues.
#29 - I'm getting another tattoo in a few weeks!!!

Tidbits-idea found here.

I got that lovely dress from Mademoiselle Robot.
Go have a look at her shop.


  1. i am most curious about the little tidbit regarding your past life as a professional killer! great facts, adeline xx

  2. We actually have #24 in common. And even though I personally don't care, people think I'm a childhoodless outsider !
    Dans mes bras coupine !!

  3. And love your hair by the way :)

  4. What are you getting for a tattoo?

  5. You sound like a thoroughly likeable person! Greek mythology is great, indeed.

  6. Love the tidbits but why is there no #22 ? :(

  7. Ju - It got lost on the way...

  8. eeek tatttooooooo!
    post about it!

  9. Petite dédicace pour les plantes vertes ... <3.
    Et sinon, prochain tatoo planifié le 24 avril pour moi, toi ?

  10. Oh I hate being teased too! Cute pattern on the dress.

  11. i love these kinds of posts about blogs i frequent. short of liquorice ice cream and tattoos, you and i have much in common!