Monday, 31 May 2010

A Photographic Diary: Andrew



From time to time you have one of those moments: you suddenly realize "it's been a year" or you suddenly realize you've actually been following someone's blog for months. Even though you've never met him/her, you surprise yourself calling him/her a friend. I got that feeling a lot recently. I'm better at keeping in touch with some of you than with friends I've know for years. As I'm giving the Photographic Diaries another shot, I couldn't think of a better way to introduce the bloggers to be featured here in the next days than by mentioning this community. A real community where I find inspiration and support every single day.

So here we go:
thank you.
- Adeline.


Why do you take photos?

First time someone has asked me this, normally it's 'why did you take THAT photo'. I take photos to document the time that i am living in, to capture the events around me that happen and that i also create. For me, these cannot be captured or documented by any other medium.

A self-portrait...



Andrew is one of the first bloggers I got in touch with
so, you know, he has a special place in my tiny heart.

It all got started when I contacted him to get involved in the Shared Themes Project.

You can visit him here.
I love to follow his daily adventures on Twitter
and his Flickr is one of my favourite photostreams.
Just so you know.
(Hint hint)



  1. he's awesome. so impressed with his work. can't wait to see who else you interview.

  2. a great project and his work is such fun. full of life most definitely... !

  3. great picture!!! love the boobs one!!

  4. hehe. i love the boob grab!