Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Photographic Diary: Carly


Why do you take photos?

I take photos to document my life.
To remember.
I love the archival art of photography.
Photos can stand the test of time and retell a story again and again.

Photos can be humorous or photos can be sad. But they always have a story to tell from the past.

Recently in my basement we found tons of old photos from when my gramma and grampa, uncles and mama were young. I am a sucker for old photos especially when they are so dear to my heart.

A self-portrait...



Lovely Carly can be found here, here and here:
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My fave is Carly's Tumblr: The Year I Turned 21.
I'm amazed to see every day how resourceful this young lady is.



  1. great photos-I take pics for the same reasons although as I get older, if I haven't written down what/where/when-I forget. I hate when I do that.

  2. <3333 love yah girl!
    thank you for posting!

  3. i decided whilst on the bus back from new york yesterday that i am going to put my photos from this summer into a big book, and that way I will have something beautiful to remember things by. Photos are the keys to our lives


  4. you totally captured the reason for taking photos in such a beautiful way honey.
    These are beautiful photos.

  5. Oh, I love Carly!!! Her photographs always impress as well as her blog. She is very talented :)

  6. wow I'm mesmerised by the second photo.