Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Through The Looking Glass


Once upon a time, I bought three kaleidoscopes,
one for Diana, one for Carly
and of course one for myself.

And here's a little video I did a longlong time ago
and finally edited a few days ago.

Original idea found here.


Quick update for those of you wondering:

It's actually very simple: I shot this video with my digital camera, holding the kaleidoscope against the lens with one hand, holding the camera with the other hand. I can't remember which hand had the responsability of turning the kaleidoscope around but as you can see, it's all very home-made. I had a candle on the other side of the kaleidoscope to make sure there was enough light and then I used iMovie to edit the whole thing (basically adding a title and music, thrilling ain't it?).

Here's another video I did this winter - you know... if you're so inclined...



  1. i love it!
    i keep playing with mine.
    totally makes you feel like a kid!

  2. amazing! how did you do it through a video camera?

  3. Yeah, what Diana said. How?! So cool!

  4. wow, I'd forgotten how beautiful they are


  5. it used to be my favorite thing when I was little. I need to buy one again! so beautiful.

  6. kaleidoscope idea=fab.
    inspiring, i may repost this on my blog, if thats cool? I'm sure to link it back to you. =]