Friday, 6 August 2010

Disconnect the Dots


A few things you should know:
* At the moment, there are five plastic dolls staying at my place: Ida is standing on my desk & Baby Blue will be leaving soon. I haven't found a name for the Black one and the Blue-Green one yet... Any suggestion?
* Gabbi is adorable and sent me the sombrero Ada was wearing when they went to
la Placida Olvera.
* Galit left a note on a tree for Baby Blue.
* Most of the time, the titles of my posts are songs.
* And...

Have a beautiful week-end!



  1. J'aurai bien quelques menus détails à ajouter sur les choses à savoir sur toi, mais je suis trop focalisée sur d'éventuelles propositions de noms à trouver pour les poupées... Je ne peux pas faire 2 choses à la fois, c'est triste !

  2. You're too cute Adeline! I didn't know they squeeeeked!! I'd never have squeezed little Ada though... she's was too precious. Also, didn't know all your post titles were lyrics. I'm going to have to start google'ing them.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend... *bises!*

  3. I just started following you and I love you projects, something so simple and so wonderful at the same time :)