Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Photographic Diary: Astrid


"I started "photographing" to document my projects and travels (as any good architecture student would do). But I soon realized there were so many other things I wanted to document as well. Friends, trips, parties, coffee shops and people´s scribbling on the wall. My pictures are my visual diary, with my friends, my memories, my experiences and my life in it."

A self-portrait...



Astrid is one of my best friends
and has the sweetest smile of the whole kingdom of Norway.

A year ago, we started Her&Der to keep in touch and also to challenge ourselves with a photo project. Suggest a theme, it'll make us happy.

Astrid's Flickr


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  1. This is very sweet. You've always said really endearing things about her over the time I've known you. Yay for besties!