Monday, 11 October 2010

You. Me. Dance?

Outfit details here.

All sources can be found on my Tumblr.

Just so you know...

Ada's in Australia right now and the reason why you haven't heard from her in a while is because she's getting ready for an amazing trip. Galit's taking her to... Israel. And Hong Kong. (!!!)

I joined Diana on her Wreck This Journal project and I'm eagerly waiting for the copy she sent me. She created a Flickr group and I just can't wait to get started.

If any of you feels like submitting something for the Talking Trees project, please do it now before it gets too cold... or wait for spring.

After a long break, Her & Der is back, Astrid & I update it every Sunday. Don't hesitate to suggest us a theme here.

Oh and we'll have new guests for the Photographic Diaries soon. I'm super excited about it!

Now, here are a few questions...

1) About the Photographic Diaries.
Remember the one about tattoos? Any other theme you'd like to see?

2) What about having an outfit suggestion box?
I mean, you give me a theme, a colour, a challenge, whatever and I have to come up with an outfit matching it. Sounds fun, don't you think?

3) Anything you'd like to see here? More this? Less that?
Don't hesitate, tell me!

Thank you for stopping by.

Psss... between you and me,
I stole this post's title from Ana's twitter profile...


  1. Oh you look cute as button! Your necklace is fantastic too. I can't believe how far Ada has gotten. Is it bad to be jealous of a doll's life?

  2. you. me. get married? you are so cute! anyway my dinner is ready so I may have to come back to answer your questions. BUT just had to stop by and say i love that necklace and you! x

  3. had dinner now to answer those questions

    1) Photographic Diaries. The tattoo one was great maybe one on pets and/or animals. hairstyles? a post on peoples kitchens?!?!

    2) yes this does sound cool. bring on the suggestion box.

    3) I like your blog just as it is. If it reflects you than thats what matters? I love that you have a mixture of fashion, art, inspiration. I think these blogs are the best x


  5. Ok Cuttie, here are some of my answers :
    1) the ink one definitly one of the best. I don't know exactly what you can do because I don't know those people the way you do, but I'm sure you can find a subject to tell us about that they have in common. Maybe the way they see their jobs...

    2) First post for the suggestion box : giraffe ;)

    3) I'd love to see a retrospective on your hair. Besides that Little Monarch is right, be yourself that's the way we love you.

  6. i miss Ada so much. i'm happy to hear that she's embarking on so many adventures. :) can't wait to see her photos in Australia and Hong Kong.

    i'm waiting for my journal, too! maybe we can start together???

    love your outfit, Adeline. as you know, i'm madly in love with your hat and you wear that statement necklace well!

    much love to you,

  7. oh man your necklace!!! <3
    you adorable.

  8. That necklace is stinking adorable (as are you!). I think the outfit suggestion box sounds like so much fun, I can't wait for Ada's pictures in Israel, and this Wreck This Journal thing sounds fun!!

  9. Red red hat !!! hihi So cool!

  10. ok, i'm going to suggest an outfit challenge. i don't know if you'll like it, but here goes. i suggest this theme: AMELIE.


  11. I'd love for you to try and dress monochromatic! But in colour of course, not black and white. Seeing that you have so many colourful pieces in the wardrobe, this should be fun :)

  12. You have a lovely Tumblr Adeline! I just became a 'follower'. Also, Ada's trip sounds amazing! Can't wait to read all about it. Lastly, my most favorite part of your blog is your outfit posts. I'm very much not a fashionista and I have hardly any style sense whatsoever, so I rely on inspiring when it comes to that. Your outfits totally make me want to dress better. Hope that makes sense? ♥

  13. Why hello! Oh I am just completely in love with your blog which I only stumbled upon because of your gracious retweets!
    Your Outfits: Heavenly.
    Your Blog: Another reason for me to slack off work!