Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Just a minute ...

... in November.

Reading... God is not great - Christopher Hitchens

Listening... to Olafur Arnalds.

Buying... a Lanvin necklace, thanks H&M.

Loving... lost & found cameras.

Smiling... at all the photos Ada sent me lately.

More here.


  1. I love everything on your list and your pictures of course

  2. I think your polaroids turned out really well :) Love the photos!

  3. T'es quand même 'hachement forte parce que, sur tes photos, on voit pas bien que ça pèle et qu'il fait -14 dehors... :-)

  4. They have arrived!
    And I love the pictures as well as the cute envelope and the hearts.
    I looked up what the phrase meant too, that's awesome:)
    Andrea's package has arrived a few days ago, when the last one arrives I will probably do a little blogpost and have hopefully found a good spot to hang everything.

    Thanks again for everything!

  5. great collages, the heart confetti is so cute

  6. Wonderful photos and your week sounds lovely! You're gonna have to share on that necklace... didn't even there was Lanvin for H&M!

  7. Curious to know what it says in that polaroid with the matryoshka dolls?