Monday 6 December 2010

Food !

My fondest memory of food brings me back to the days I would hang out in the kitchen most evenings to help my domestic maid prepare dinner. I was ten or so and she would teach and show me all the how-tos while we talked about what happened in school or who's my new crush.

She would always make spaghetti bolognese for my class parties and I'm thinking that this might be the very reason why I love cooking pasta so damn much!

Melly - Green Laundry

When I really like something, I order it over and over again until I can no longer stand the thought of it. My latest food obsession comes from L&L Hawaiian BBQ and I can't get enough of their shrimp plate. It comes with 4 deep-fried shrimp, a scoop of rice, a scoop of macaroni salad, tartar sauce, and fresh shredded cabbage. My order always comes with EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA cabbage (extra side order of cabbage not photographed). I'm very particular about the way I eat this dish. To enjoy it my way, you would need all these things in your mouth as one bite: a small bite of shrimp dipped in tartar sauce, 4 macaronis, a tiny bit of rice, and a handful of cabbage. Chew carefully to prevent the food from escaping. Swallow. Repeat. It's delicious and it's my Friday treat!

Katrina - Pugly Pixel

Naomi, aka love of my life, is super busy at the moment (new job + moving to a new place + saving Gotham City by night) so I'm writing this little blabla on her behalf... I do think Naomi has magic powers, she can make Vegan food not only taste heaven but also be incredibly fun. When it comes to make you hungry, believe me, she's a master. Avocado fries? Unicorn cake? Hell yes.