Sunday, 28 February 2010

Just a minute ...


... in February.

Reading... Le dictionnaire des verbes qui manquent.

Listening... to Florence & the Machine as we're going to her gig tomorrow!

simplicity, spontaneity & honesty.

Buying... curtains for the living room, a cake pan... you get it: I went to Ikea.

Loving... this.

Making... wishes.


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Set My Heart For The Road


Does this outfit make you think of something?
Or am I the only one thinking of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland?

Agnese published an interview featuring me here.
I lovelovelove her blog. Happy to be featured on it.
Go spread some love in the comments and make me even happier.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Det er mig der holder træerne sammen...



Let me tell you a story.

Please sit down, take 5 minutes and if you don't know what I'm talking about, there are a few links to guide you through. Now let's start, shall we?

Last summer, we got started with a collaborative blog with Astrid: Her & Der. One of our first themes was wood. As I was wandering through Birkelunden (aka my neighbourhood) with my camera, I noticed one of the trees had a drawing pin... It felt like someone had left a message, the piece of paper was long gone but the drawing pin remained.

A few weeks later, Birkelunden was the stage of a cute art experiment... Once again, the trees were hosting unexpected messages. In January, it just felt natural to use this setting for my contribution to Jeff's project. I also decided to leave a message, wishing someone a happy belated birthday. My message stayed there for 3 weeks. Every time I passed by, it made me smile. So last Tursday, when I saw my message was no longer there, I was a bit disappointed and asked people for new messages I could pin on the trees. Friday afternoon, we went out to grab some coffee and I put up the new signs, we'll see how long they last...

Now. I'd love to make this a collective experiment with those of you interested. So here's the deal: tell me what you want me to write down
(can be any language, you can divide it and have it on several signs... you decide) and which colour you'd like. I put it up, take a photo and upload it here. Useless but if it makes you smile, totally worth it.

"Saving the world,
one smile at a time."


Monday, 8 February 2010

Experimental Travel _ Ada


Ada has left Singapore and she's now on her way to London
where Mademoiselle Robot is waiting for her.

I finally created a blog for her. About time to give her
her own space especially as this seems to be a never-ending project.

I've also uploaded the photos Melly took while Ada was staying with her in Singapore
so make sure to pop over to see the magic happen!

Photos by Melly.


Monday, 1 February 2010

The Great Polaroid Giveaway


"About 75 people from 11 countries and 5 continents
are getting a polaroid from me.
And it comes in a cool package with instructions."

"Each polaroid is a totally unique and with certain exceptions impossible to replicate. And that’s awesome. The more I shoot, though, the more I have and the more I have the less space I have to store them.
So i have an idea. A giveaway of sorts. An art project of sorts, too. I want to give YOU one of my polaroids. I’ll pay to ship it to you and package it all nice, too. And you’ll get a one of a kind little piece of art.

What’s the catch? Pretty simple: a picture of you holding my shot or a picture of my shot in its new home.. I would really like to compile a book with these pictures. And then we’ll share the whole thing and we’ll all feel good. And i’ll have more space to keep shooting and collecting more polaroids. I will also be “leaving” polaroids around New York City for random people to find and hopefully they’ll share as well. For this part i’ll document their left position and hopefully follow-up with a picture or the person who found it."


That was back in November. Thank you Diana for letting me know about this awesome project. It's about everything I love: collective experiments with strangers & polaroids. And thank you Jeff for letting me part of this.

So this is the polaroid I received:

All the submissions have been amazing
(I mean amaaaazing)
they set up the bar very high for poor little me.
But sooner or later you just have to take the plunge, right?

By the way, here's a short interview I did with Jeff a little while ago.