Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Have you met Monsieur Robot?

If you've ever read one of Warren's articles on Bitch Buzz, you might have noticed this footnote:
Warren Beckett works full time as a powerful wizard, but moonlights as an online journalist. He likes talking in the third person. For frequent updates on how his hair looks, follow his Twitter @WarrenBeckett

I couldn't think of a better introduction.

Meet Mister Awesome.

* Chit-chat

• First, could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I'm 31, originally from Northern Ireland. I moved to London for Uni and never went home. I was working as a video games tester for years but now I'm writing and studying film at Goldsmiths.
Were you that handsome already as a child?
I suppose I was a cute kid, my sister was totally cuter but my Mum loved dressing us up in fancy clothes, there are some hilarious pictures of us as kids.

• You’re regularly guest-posting at Mademoiselle Robot and Bitch Buzz, ever thought of starting your own blog?

I've been meaning to start my own blog for such a long time...there’s an empty website somewhere...I had a wicked t-shirt in mind to promote the blog but that’s actually as far as I got!
What do you like the most about blogging? What do you like the least?
I like meeting new people (you), nice comments on anything you write are absolutely priceless :)
The least? I worry about it a lot, I’m never satisfied with what I’ve written either so I get kinda needy/mental.

• Would you say your tattoos help you defining/asserting your style? Or is it something completely independent from your style?

My tattoos don't really feature as part of my style, at least they weren't conceived to be. They're on my body so it's a part of me but I didn't get them because it was trendy or cool to do so. Of course aesthetically they're 100% me, lots of comic art I love, stills from films and posters etc. The problem stylistically is that they don't go with every outfit. They make a whole load of outfits better too though.

* Fashion

• How would you describe your style?

I don't really like trends too much mostly because I hate seeing anyone else dressed the same as I am. My personal style based on a few things. I was into Heavy Metal as a kid and I think it has such a strong fashion look that goes with the music it was the first time I started picking my own clothes and really enjoying wearing them, feeling empowered almost. So it’s a little bit Iron Maiden with a little retro 70's/80s feel for nostalgia. Modern clothes don't do much for me, they date so quickly.
Name your favorite brands, shops...
I love Vivienne Westwood, her mens clothes have become less and less wearable recently and so expensive that I can't afford them anymore. The thing I like the most is that nothing else looks like Westwood, it's totally unique. I used to wear lots of Raf Simons too but again it's become kind of 'grown up' and too expensive. I do some basic high street shopping and fill in the blanks with vintage clothes and the occasional designer piece.
Any particular inspiration? Do you have a style icon?
Casey Spooner from Fischerspooner. He's always an inspiration to dress up. There's a bad 80's horror movie called Trick or Treat and the guy from that film has the best heavy metal outfits, he's a bit of a style icon too.

• Do you have guiding principles when it comes to creating an outfit? Colours for instance? How do you create an outfit?

It always starts with shoes. When I'm in bed at night before I fall asleep I think about the shoes I want to wear the next day I (I never wear the same pair 2 days in a row) I build the outfit from there up.

• What's the last piece of clothing you fell for?

It's a sweatshirt that makes you look like a burger, I cant wait to wear it.

• What's the next one you'd like to get?

Well there are some shoes I might look for in the sale, but there's always a list of clothes I want in my head :)

* Life (and a good measure of curiosity)

• Other hobbies, beside fashion?

I'm a horrible film snob. I really like 70's italian horror movies indie american cinema and anything subversive or controversial. I love my music too and playing PS3.

• Do you collect anything?

I used to collect loads of stuff, anything to do with Spider-Man. I have some geeky Star Wars stuff too. It's kind of unhealthy to obsessively collect stuff so I sold a lot of mine a while ago.

• Favourite book?

Hmm, that's a good question. Douglas Coupland's JPod maybe. Or American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis.

• Favourite movie?

Suspiria! Check it out if you haven't seen it it's beautiful.
Favourite music?
There's a weird band called Broadcast who make this amazing retro/futuristic electro music, they're my favourite band.

• Favourite food?

PIZZA. My poor boyfriend would be forced to eat it every night if I had my way.

• Favourite place?


Thank you Warren!

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  2. Handsome and fascinating! Wonderful post dear Adeline...

  3. OoooooOooo. Very cool to be introduced to, Warren. If he's not careful, I'll find out where he lives and steal that unicorn t-shirt of his.