Monday, 28 February 2011

Just a minute ... February.

Watching... The Big Bang Theory. Laughing a lot.

Reading... Icelandic grammar. I'm that weird.

Listening... to this song. A lot. 

Buying... shoes & make-up

Going... to Oslo Fashion Week with Mademoiselle Robot. Lucky me.

Loving... good breakfasts in good company.

Wanting... her outfit, her glasses and her hair colour... click here.

Smiling... at my own silliness. 

More here.


  1. Aw, the Big Bang Theory is probably one of my all time favorite shows! Sheldon is the best.

  2. Ah! I love that you love Big Bang Theory. I think it is so funny.

    I really like the photo from your tumblr. I don't own anything yellow, but it has been jumping out to me lately.

    (ps - finally wore that black UO skirt this weekend & loved it! Thanks for the little push.)

  3. The background on that pictures is very beautiful. Big Bang theory, great show

  4. The Big Bang Theory often makes my day too:)

    I wish I could buy some more shoes too, I'm such a sneaker addict, but I just don't have any room for it.

    Cool song!

  5. That picture is so great. And I'm also all about the Big Bang Theory these days.

  6. Icelandic grammar isn't that weird. I love reading grammar books :)

  7. ga ga - i love your nesting doll tattoo!