Monday, 21 February 2011

Le Sac Des Filles

Remember me saying I never wear heels? Remember me having a massive wardrobe detox/inventory and talking about minimalism? Well, obviously you can't believe a word I say (or type) as I've just bought two new pairs of shoes. Blame Monki. Blame a massive sale at Shoe Lounge

Anyway, I'm starting two new series. The first one 'borderline minimalist' will document all of my wardrobe over the next months. I'm thinking of getting rid of stuff at the end of each season, hoping for my wardrobe to gain efficiency by the end of the year. The second series 'ten ways to wear that little black dress' will start with my next post. That dress was actually never featured here before even though I wear it a lot. I'm looking forward to finding new ways of wearing it.

Black Skirt: Monki • Pumpkin Shirt: Monki
Low Boots: KMB • Socks: American Apparel 
Lipstick: Morange by MAC

More here: Weardrobe.

I'm not one of those girls who spends ten minutes looking for something in her purse. I only have tiny purses. I've had big purses before but I've always found them cumbersome and ended up never using them.

In my purse: Wallet: Becksöndergaard • Keys • iPhone • Chewing Gum • Pocket Mirror: The Body Shop • Lip Balm: Burt's Bees • Lip Stick: MAC • Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden • That's it!


  1. the expression on your face is classic - i love it!

    i like the idea of a wardrobe detox...i recently chucked out a bunch of stuff and felt much better for getting rid of stuff that i never wear.

    p.s i still owe you a photo. i haven't forgotten :)

  2. that is one tiny purse, is that a moose keychain i see?

  3. when i say i don't want to buy any more heels 'cause don't have any flats to go out in, i still ended up buying heels. it's a vicious cycle.

  4. love the sassy lipstick!!! & can't wait for the dress project!

  5. Super excited about these new projects! I also love your outfit in this post. I got this skirt ( from UO for Christmas, but haven't worn it yet. Definitely going to pull it out this week.

    You have shamed me with your tiny purse. I unfortunately am a big bag momma. I should take a lesson from you. ;)

  6. You have the cutest outfits! I also prefer tiny purses.

    Camila F.

  7. i love your style, adeline. i've gotta have that top!

    i wish i could be more like you with your lite purse on the go, but i can't seem to leave the house without all my THINGS.

    i'm running late with my inventory, but hope to do it real soon.

  8. You put me to shame! I'd be way too embarresssed to show you the state of my purse...I'm such a slob!lol