Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Le Secret Des Banquises

I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, I don't read fashion magazines, I don't know what the latest trends are, all I care about is streetstyle and window shopping. I follow only five fashion blogs and I don't care about fashion week. My fashion icons are Björk and Lady Gaga and my favourite accessories are tattoos. 

My friends tease me quite often about shopping and many of them are surprised at how tiny my wardrobe actually is. Whenever I buy something, I get rid of something else. I call it the expat syndrome: ready to move to another country anytime. 

Vintage Dress - Wash With Care

So I made a quick inventory for you and *drumrolls* I own:

* 20 nail paints (Did you know Ashley owns 135 nail polishes?!!!)
* 15 skirts
* a yellow tutu
* 10 dresses
* 2 pants and 2 shorts
* 15 pairs of shoes
* 10 plastic dolls
* 6 snow globes
* a broken Rubik's Cube
* 10 cameras
* 15 rings
* 2 hats
* 14 purses
* and 9 pairs of sunglasses.

And I can pack all of it in my big fat backpack. Almost.
Now you go ahead and tell me if you own less than me!


  1. i like your inventory, that's a good idea. did you know only 20% of whatever we have in our closets is what we really wear? i had a roommate once that packed everything she owned, like everything, not just clothes in one suitcase. it was so nice! i was jealous.

  2. Morning early bird! Love the frock and the post! Was waiting for this one actually! Do you know, that I own 43 dresses? I counted them last night. Other than that you own more than me :D

  3. I think I might have less. Serial ex-pat, country-hopping, make-do with basics "me". I halved my wardrobe when I moved to the US in 2008 and again on moving in 2009 and then again in 2010. Was left with jeans, 2 skirts, 3 dresses and 4 pairs of shoes (runners, boots, heels and sandals) a small collection of t-shirts and cardigans for layering and scarves. I'm only just building it back up again now that I'm more settled. Trying to me more mindful of the things that I add back in though to make sure that it's all worn and loved.

  4. I like that you "pack light", it's so commendable really! And 135 nail polishes, gasps, I wanna raid her stash!!!

  5. are you becoming a minimalist?

  6. 'm already had trouble just packing for my honeymoon earlier... my backpack was totally bursting even before i get there... and i still left the house with belongings dumped other place else other than the closet. i think i'm a maximizer.

  7. I suddenly felt the urge to clean my closet... But I keep on assuring myself that I'm not the worst case in the world! :)

  8. I love that you are borderline minimalist, but you have a yellow tutu! Perfect!

    I would love to see pictures of your ring collection - you have the best taste!

  9. i'm on -- will do an inventory this weekend. :D

  10. Wow I am impressed! I thought I was good at doing inventory of my crap once every two months. There is something comforting in not owning a lot, plus it makes moving easier (fun fact; I have moved 10 times in the last 5 years).

  11. you're adorable.
    i don't have as many clothes.
    maybe more band t-shirts. hahah.

    you look gorg as always.
    i really like the streetstyle vibe you give to the blogging community.
    love you!

  12. my wardrobe is less than yours, I only have four pairs of shoes and four or five nail polishes, I have less than 10 or more pair of jeans though :)

    got yah from Kristina.

  13. Mine's like 5 pants 5 skirts and ten thousand t-shirts.

  14. I'm afraid to admit that, yes, I have less then you! Sure thing, you can pack an happy expat life into one suitcase, less than 20kg, and hop the next plane!

    (for the record: 3 nail paints/10 skirts/no tutu (shame!)/5 dresses/5 jeans/3 pants/4 shorts/3 pairs of shoes/1 boots/no plastic dolls/1 camera/2 rings/3 sun hats/1 purse/1 pair of sunglasses)

  15. This dress totally looks like it was made for you, I think it just suits your personality (you styled it perfect) and is falls beautifully! Does this little dolly in your arms have a name?
    I have to follow you!
    Follow me back?

  16. This is a good idea! I recently did a clear out but my wardrobe's still bursting and i'm so bored of my clothes! (I think i own 80% dresses, eep)

  17. don´t you have any jackets, sweaters and winter gear? these are the ones that take the most space in my wardrobe...