Thursday, 31 March 2011

Just a minute ... March.

Yes, it's me.

Watching... Inglorious Basterds. Yes, again.

Reading... I've just finished reading Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. 

Listening... to The Naked & Famous & CocoRosie.

Buying... nothing until I'm getting my first paycheck.

Loving... an awesome tutorial for an awesome necklace.

Wanting... those pompoms for my bedroom.

Smiling... at the few photos I took in France last week.

More here & here.


  1. ♥ the shoes! & your IG France photos are amazing...sigh. {must go back soon}

  2. haha how awesome is that photo of lil adeline!! the bouquet you're holding is SO big, it makes such a funny photo :DDDDD

  3. I love everything on this post

  4. Adeline il tuo blog è sempre più bello ^_^
    le scarpe rosa sono stupende! le amo!!
    mi piace questa cosa che fai tutti i mesi, scrivere quello che hai fatto, visto, ascoltato..è molto bello!
    mi viene voglia di farlo!
    a presto!

  5. those necklaces are great. craft shops in america just have so much stuff, i feel like i'm missing out big time over here!

  6. i have a lot to learn about photo composition. you really inspire me, adeline. what a cute little you!

    i'm mad about those pom poms, too. i think they're called "flower bombs" -- cute name, eh? check out this cool vid:

  7. Inglorious Basterds rules. I want to watch it again! The German guy! Agh he's the awesomest bad guy ever.

  8. Awww! I want to squeeze baby Adeline's cheeks! Is that creepy? ;)

  9. i love your blog, so glad i stumbled upon it! care to follow each other?

  10. looking for new blogs to read and so glad i found yours! great pictures! i love IG, I'm brag on there if you want to exchange follows. :)

  11. O my goodness look at little you with those enormous bunch of flowers! Do you still look that adorable when you laugh? Bet you do. Hahaha. A little package is winging its way to you, doll!

  12. aww.. a few colourful pegs and they're perfect!