Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Me & You

Many of you are probably unaware of this but I spent last week home in France. It wasn't meant to be a secret, it just happened to be very last minute: I booked on Saturday to fly home on Sunday. I needed a break from pretty much everything but especially from the Norwegian winter & my inexplicable boredom.

I spent six days in my sunny hometown, without make-up, without internet (ok... maybe two hours a day), without worrying about a thing. I also completed something I had been postponing for a long long time: detoxing my bedroom. Six or seven trash bags later, I'm happy to say that my French bedroom isn't cluttered anylonger but fully functional (ie ready to welcome new guests). While doing this (it took me 'only' four hours), I stumbled upon long forgotten treasures. Particularly those shoes:

You can watch the original scene here.


Finally here's a great quote I found on TechCrunch(thank you Katrinait sums up perfectly my point of view:

'By constantly micro-broadcasting everything, 
we’ve ended up macro-remembering almost nothing.' 

As far as I'm concerned, I've decided I'm going to spend less time on Twitter and more time making some real magic happen. If you too have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, I highly recommend those two articles: one - two.


  1. Love it! & a good internet detox is always worth it. I've been pondering this a lot lately too...sigh.

  2. I could happily join you with getting away! xo.

  3. first...love your tattoos, two you recreated one of my favourite scenes from that move! and three, I love that song

  4. yes, THIS is exactly how i feel and what i've discovered the past couple of weeks. i've cut down on twitter a lot already the past year, and blogging only when i'd like rather than daily is such a relief. lots of changes going on for me in my life already, so why not take them digitally?

  5. those shoes are adorable, adeline! and, love your floor, by the way.

    i've done my own spring cleaning, so to speak, and like you, have found my own treasures that i've long forgotten. it felt wonderful to be reunited with them -- kinda like seeing long lost friends. :) i'm happy you found your cute shoes!

    you were in my thoughts just moments ago, even before my visit to your blog today. i thought of you and france (well, paris, anyway). in fact, this was part of what i wrote diana this morning:

    "i kinda had thoughts on how fun it would be if a whole gang of us could go on a field trip (ie. paris?!?), perhaps to meet adeline in her home town?"

    i'm happy you enjoyed those essays by paul carr. :)

  6. Now I just want to leave work a rewatch that movie. ;)

    As always you inspire me to live with more intension. Will be planning a little overhall of my own bedroom soon. <3