Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Punching In A Dream

This is how I would have dressed if I lived in a sunny place but I looked out the window and decided to be realistic so I put a black cardigan on and changed shoes for my pink wellies. I took my coat and my keys and I was out the door. Oh Spring, hurry up.

I bought this lovely vintage dress from Wash With Care.
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And I've been listening to this song a lot...

Pss... I created a Facebook page.
You know... only if you want to.


  1. oh my, that dress is beautiful!

    I haven't worn pretty shoes in so long because of the weather, so I second hurry up Spring!

  2. That's such a pretty dress! I'm getting used to larger floral patterns... I agree about spring; it seemed to have arrived yesterday but today is all gray and dreary again.

  3. OMG i love this dress on you, im gonna go ahead and say this is my favorite outfit so far

  4. 1. I love reading Cesar's comments.
    2. Boots + you = fabulous.
    3. I'm wishing for spring too. (can't wait to finally wear my little cheetah flats)
    4. Download The Naked & The Famous yesterday - really enjoying it.
    5. I felt like this list would look better with a #5 so here you go. ;)

  5. it's perfect on you. the colors, the pattern, the burgundy sash -- very pretty. great purchase, adeline.

  6. This dress looks AMAZING on you! ps..I am listening to this song at my desk while at work and dancing in my boss is looking at me as if I have lost my mind.

  7. I'm sure this outfit is still adorable with a cardigan and pink wellies. Great dress!

    Camila F.

  8. It's so perfect! I love your shoes too!

    And I'm with you - hurry up spring!

  9. Så nydelig kjoledrøm du har kjøpt deg :D

  10. //Ja den grønne kjolen var fantastisk, var den jeg endte opp med å bruke på festen!

  11. Awww okay props to you Adeline for choosing one of the best bands from New Zealand to come out in a long long time. And of course, what a pretty dress! You look great.