Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Imaginary Tea Party

My birthday party last year was epic (we celebrated my birthday for nearly 24 hours nonstop) and I knew I wouldn't be able to top it this year so I decided to keep things simple... Hmmm... "simple"...  I couldn't help but invite all of you to an imaginary party - I guess that's what simple means to me. Your photos have exceeded all my expectations and I've been thinking a lot about how to express my gratitude, it felt like 'thank you' wasn't enough... I feel lucky and fortunate to have you in my life. I never thought blogging would have such an impact on my life and it took me a long time to acknowledge it. What was supposed to be a place where I could express my creativity became a place where I daily receive buckets of love. I know no other way to say it right than saying it in my mothertongue... 


So here's what we did to celebrate my birthday:

• a magic concert... 
• then Frode took me to an amazing bar I had never heard of: a little hidden gem inspired by the 1920s.
• after-party and I started losing track of time...

• brunch at Villa Paradiso: panna cotta and four cortado for me.
• the weather was rad so we decided to take a walk along the river.
• eventually I went to one of my favourite spots in Oslo, I sat alone by the fjord and realized how lucky I am and how much has happened since last year.
• back home, my mom called me from France: "I just can't believe my daughter's turning 28". 

Me neither.


  1. This is such a sweet post. Happy birthday! <3

  2. ahh i missed it!
    school is kicking me right now.
    i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday though!
    look at all these lovely ladies. seriously. it's a pretty cute looking imaginary tea party.


  3. Ah just love this post :) I want to do the same thing for my 28th (next month, eep!) Glad you had such a fun birthday xx

  4. Oh shoot I missed the party! I guess that means I will have to have a very merry unhappy bday party for you tonight :)

  5. looks liike a greaat birthday :) x

  6. yay! looks so great! it sounds like you had a great birthday!

  7. I loved every.single.word you wrote on this post...Happy Birthday L

  8. i adore you, adeline. thanks for sharing your weekend -- i'm delighted that it was spent with good company, delicious food and some quiet time for reflection. sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

    by the way, your pastel pink flower bomb looks sooooo pretty. i wish i also had some pink pastel tissues when i made my party animal party hat! ;)

  9. sounds like a truly magical day...and what gorgeous photos too. Happy 28th!

  10. happy happy birthday! sounds like you have a fab time, simple doesn't mean no fun!! oh a side note, i can't believe i'm 28 either. but you know what, forget about the number, i still feel like i'm 25 hahahah... as long as we're happy that's what's important :D

  11. Oh girl! You sure know how to party!! I feel so lame now that I didn't take my photo! arghhhhh....
    Such gorgeous friends you have! These are all wonderful!

  12. eep! I love this post (and Katrina's hat!)

    I'm so happy you had a great birthday. You are such a sweet person - much love for your 28th year.

  13. Found you via Ashley's tweet and love this post - what a cute idea. : )

    Can't wait to look around some more!



  14. i'm happy you had a happy birthday! 28 will be great xo

  15. I hope you had a really happy birthday - and what a fun tea party!!!!! Wishing you the best year yet!

  16. Awwww everybody looks great ♥
    Happy Birthday to you!!

  17. ooooh an imaginary party, sounds lovely! hehe.

  18. Oh, your post is so lovely ... and it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday.

    I love how the blogging world gives so much back to us all.

  19. I'm glad to hear you had such an amazing birthday! Too bad I missed your imaginary party, such a lovely idea!

  20. looks really fabulous! I'm happy for ya that u had a fantastic birthday!

  21. Coolest Birthday ever! You do the cutest things :)