Thursday, 12 May 2011

Everything Goes My Way

"I read somewhere that the #1 reason people stop blogging is that they don’t get enough comments — that is to say, they quit blogging when they feel that no one is listening to them. If you measure your posts’ success by the number of comments they receive (validation), you’ll be tempted to start entertaining rather than expressing yourself. This a perfectly valid way to blog, if that’s what you want. But, if you want blogging to be enjoyable for a long time, expression is the real reward." - Katrina.


• Katrina: Where are those birdie brooches from? 
It's a gift from Gabbi.

• Nikki: The Lady Croissant Nation want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate? 
It will be a giant soap bubble machine and it will celebrate... hmmm... today, every day, because "today is the first day of the rest of my life". - Miranda July

• Galit: Can you actually WALK with those heels??? 
Yep but they're really noisy.

• Ana: Complete this sentence "If I could go back, I would..." 
...let you go instead of waiting for you.

• Jamie-Lee: What are your style inspirations? 
Björk & Sia

• BlueEyedNightOwl: People you'd invite to a dinner party (dead or alive)?
Charlie Chaplin, Lady Gaga, Michel Gondry, Miranda July, Bill Murray & Tom Waits.

• Laura: What do you do for a living? What's your day job? 
During the winter, I'm a teacher. During the summer, I'm a tour guide. Basically, I speak foreign languages for a living.


  1. That post from Katrina really got me thinking about why I blog and my content. I'm probably going to step away for a couple days and regroup/get my thoughts in order.

    I would love to be invited to any dinner where you and Bill Murray are present. <3

  2. Your jobs sound great, i'd love to be a tour guide/language tutor :)

  3. I agree with you completely ... blogging to try and please an audience or blogging for comments will never lead to happiness, whereas self expression is always ultimately satisfying.

  4. The way you ended that sentence made me happy and then sad at the same time :( Adorable shoesies.