Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Be my guest... Katrina.

Hey folks, Adeline asked me to write a little somethin' about the things we have in common. I made a collage of six things we love, but wouldn't you know it, right after I finished the collage, I thought of something else: we're both camera junkies and we both own Diana Minis and Fuji Instant Cameras (Instax Mini).

Some things we have in common and love:

1. Clonette dolls
2. Nail polish (ie. the ones that sparkle and glitter)
3. We both love this blouse (in fact, Adeline gave it to me)

4. Instagram and the Early Bird filter
5. Washi tape
6. Pom poms.



  1. gasp, how could you forget your cameras?? :)

    I love these things too!

  2. thanks for having me here, adeline.

    @rhianne: i couldn't believe it either :)

    @cesar: thanks, man. :D