Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just a minute ...

... in June.

Getting...  completely spoiled by Madame Maman.

Buying... unusual maps (thanks Laura!) and a Tinkerbell brooch.

Listening... to the Shins

Loving... travelling by train

Going... to stay in Oslo for a little while. 


A huge thank you to Naomi, Diana, Ashley, Katrina & Aline for taking care of Lady Croissant while I was away. Hope you guys enjoyed their guest posts as much as I did.


  1. Happy you back...sounds like June has been a wonderful month for you :)!

  2. Hope you get to relax in July, staying put sometimes is the best vacation. Enjoy the summer!

  3. Welcome back! And I'm with you on living train travel. My favourite way to see the world :)

  4. Lovely times indeed ... I'm sure July will bring more delights along similar lines.

  5. Glad June was awesome - thanks again for the chance to take over the Lady for a day. ;)

  6. I adore the tattoos on your feet Adeline! Also, such a fan of that Shins song... 'your shape on the dance floor will have me thinking such filth I'll gauge my eyes'... LOVE.