Sunday, 3 July 2011

Miscellaneous is one of my favourite words...

Too much happening at the moment - time for a list!

• Job interview last Friday for a dream job I've had on my mind for years... Cross your fingers for me pretty please?

• Lots of 'roids to scan, a video to edit and a guest post to write and ahem.. no time at all.

• Went to the movies to see Midnight in Paris... LOVED it. I don't joke with caps lock.

• Tatiana wrote a great post about social media. I'm currently deleting a lot of content from my Facebook profile (and looking forward to getting Google+) so this post definitely hit a raw nerve.

• Katrina shared some of her favourite magazines - warning: EYE CANDY!

Ada has just visited Chicago. She's now on her way to Mexico!

• I was also featured on Paper Lilies & French Toast and Our City Lights and their kind words put a huuuge smile on my face. Go say hello?

• Last but not least, Rhianne wrote about bloggers who use analog cameras and her posts (part one • part two) are real gems!

Hope you guys are well. 
From Oslo, with love, 


  1. Good luck with the job, I hope you are successful! :) Thanks for all the links, I am going to read the Facebook article now x

  2. good luck, i hope you get a job offer!

    and that article about facebook definitely hits a nerve. i have a love/hate relationship with social media.

  3. So excited about this dream job possibility! Definitely sending positive thoughts. :)

  4. Adeline... I adore your photography! I wanted to pull the gelato off the screen and then those flats. I'm just sad to see Bambi is dead, but what can we do right?

    Also, fingers are crossed on the dream job. And I must see the new Woody Allen flick now. I hadn't even seen the trailer before.

    Off to see your guest spots now... wishes for a fantastic new week gorgeous girl. ⚓

  5. i hope you land your dream job, Adeline. my fingers and toes are crossed!

    thanks for the link to Tatiana's blog. I thoroughly enjoyed her post. :)

  6. yeay, thank you for linking to my articles lovely and hurray for the job interview, I have all my figners (and toes) crossed for you :)

  7. I love the word miscellaneous too :D I use it too often and it annoys Cam :D Great post! I'm happy you're having such a busy happy time of late!

  8. just read this at WSJ... you might find it interesting:

  9. Y a intérêt à ce que tu donnes la réponse sur ce job dès que tu l'as, morue !!

    Et euh... au fait : can't waaaaaaaaaaaiiiit !!! ♥

  10. Chokeful of good reads, thanks! Bag the job baby :)

  11. your words and pictures have a calming effect to the chaos that surrounds me

  12. i hope the dream job pans out. you definitely deserve it!

    and i am so envious that you have seen the new woody film. they haven't even announced an australian release date yet and i am absolutely hanging out for it.

  13. Mine too. Love your blog!

    ♥ sécia

  14. crossing my fingers for you, all the best!! let us know how it goes!

  15. just stopped by to say: i miss you, adeline. i hope you're well!

  16. Hope you did well with the interview, Adeline. When will you hear? One of my favourite words is "poignant" because its so ugly to say out loud but so beautiful to look at on paper.