Monday, 1 August 2011

Highway Unicorn

Oh boy, do I have winter gear? Well, I do live in Norway - aka the place where winter was invented! I didn't mention any of my sweaters or jackets before for two reasons: I don't have that many and they're not a choice but a necessity. I use them to get from point #1 to point #2 without freezing to death but I usually take them off as soon as I'm indoors. Layering is an art. However, as I intended to have a new inventory to compare with my previous one, I thought I could include my entire wardrobe this time for the curious ones. 

Lady Gaga - Highway Unicorn Just push play.

• chest of drawers
* 10 summer tops
* 10 all year round tops 
* 6 winter tops (ie with sleeves)
* a Tinkerbell tshirt 
* jammies (two pants and a few awesome tshirts)
* 6 cardigans
* 9 woollen sweaters

• tiny closet 
* 8 dresses
* 10 winter skirts
* 9 summer skirts
* 9 shirts or blouses
* pink bermuda shorts (ahem... never worn)
* 3 pants and 2 shorts
* 3 blazers
* two sequined jackets
* 18 pairs of shoes (only two of them suitable for winter)
* one pair of pink wellies
* a polar bear coat
* a black coat
* a red rain jacket

I also have a box filled with gloves, scarves and two hats: a red one and a gray one. I have a new wardrobe detox planned at the end of the summer, it should be easier to get rid of summer clothes once fall arrives here... 

Still aiming at becoming a minimalist, it's taking longer than I thought.


  1. My things are bursting out of my closet and drawers! I need a walk-in soooo bad! I know, typical American.

    ♥ sécia

  2. I love these post, it reminds me to focus on what I really need and to clear out all the junk

  3. these are my absolute favorite posts! (I would pay good money to see you in these pink bermuda shorts) ;)

    I did a good job of clearing my closet, but I know I should go through it again - maybe I'll take a cue from you and do it when the weather starts getting cooler.

  4. Love this post! I should definitely do this with my wardrobe. I have been meaning to try and become a bit more minimalist with my clothes (therefore I need to do some trips to charity shops I fear).

    K x

    P.s. Quite excited by the prospect of a polar bear coat.

  5. i'm impressed, adeline -- i wish i was as organized!

  6. i want to peek in that bottom drawer!

  7. Well done, Adeline! This makes me want to get organised too. I fear that I have so many clothes it will take me days though :( I get what you mean about jackets too. I had to consciously make jackets fun rather than practical and build up a range I was happy with.