Sunday, 28 August 2011

Just a minute ... August.

Buying... the perfect blazer.

Drinking... iced matcha latte.

Watching... The Royal Tenenbaums - I know, Diana... about time.

Listening... to Oh Land.

Going to... Øyafestivalen.

Loving... my new haircut... Bob's back!


Summer's already coming to an end in Oslo and I'm actually looking forward to layering and wearing quirky tights again.
How have you been?


  1. i loved these shots when if first saw them on my instagram feed. it's great to see them here in full view.

    geez. the royal tenenbaums. i really wanted to like that movie and tried to watch it 3x, but for the life of me was never able to finish it and i reckon my deep dislike for ben stiller got in the way.

    i'm looking forward to the weather change, too.

    how's your new job?

  2. heh bob's back, how come I never thought of the word like that! you charmed me :)

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  4. Loving Oh Land as well and an iced matcha latte sounds divine. Did you enjoy The Royal Tenenbaums?

  5. Did you cry in the movie? I cry everytime!

  6. En ce qui me concerne, j'irai bien te raconter mon mois d'août mais je crois que tu es déjà au courant :)

  7. Amazing photographs! I miss summer already!

    ♥ sécia