Friday, 28 October 2011

Just a minute ...

... in October.

Buying... a skeleton poster and an awesome necklace.
Drinking... single cortado to go, thanks.
Going to... concerts! Architecture in Helsinki, Gold Panda & Her Majesty Tori Amos.
Reading... 'The Discovery of France' by Graham Robb.
Watching... Lars & the Real Girl
Listening to... Dead Man's Bones.
Loving... Oslo.

How's October been treating you?


  1. Ah, I see a little Ryan Gosling pattern, no? Loved Lars and the Real Girl (mostly because his blow up doll bears my name) and I love Dead Man's Bones.

  2. i love lars & the real girl!! still lol-ing at the ryan vs puppy tumblr that you tweet the other day hahahahhaha

  3. The little face on the necklace made me smile. :)