Monday, 17 October 2011

Love, Life, Lace.

A few days ago Tatiana announced she was ending her blog: Love, Life, Lace. I don't know Tatiana personally, I've been following her blog for only a few months and I'll probably never meet her but still, she's a real inspiration. You may remember this post of hers about social media? I've also loved her bold use of colours ever since I was introduced to her blog by Ashley and she has definitely challenged me to be more creative with my own use of colours. Here are a few quotes I find inspiring.

Dear Tatiana, I'll miss you.

"I learned that popularity is not based on talent or content it's based on to what degree people find you unthreatening."

"Judging people's lives by their blogs is a wasteful activity and will leave you feeling empty and bitter. Use that time to judge your own life and make sure that you are moving towards your goals and dreams."

"I think with the emergence of social media, blogging especially, we've lost the art of enjoying something wonderful and beautiful without sharing it."


  1. Very wise quotes indeed!

    And I do understand(and often try to convince people) that social media mess up real life social contacts, but I've found the blogosphere only enriching. And I can't really imagine there'd come a day I'd stop blogging.

  2. I've only been following her blog for a few months but I'm sad too. I do worry that more and more bloggers will start to feel this way though...

    I just try to remember that blogging and social media is what you make of it - just like everything else in life.

  3. The last quote sums up my concerns about blogging and social media perfectly. I will miss reading her thoughtful insights and her approach at life.

  4. Powerful quotes! Too bad she's ending her blog. Super sad.

    Camila Faria

  5. Super sad, but I'm sure she appreciate this post a lot! You and Tatiana inspire me to include more color in everyday life. :)