Monday, 24 October 2011

Ten Reasons To Love Monki

• Obviously, the clothes.
• Prettiest receipt ever - makes you forget you've just spent money.
• Fun, colourful and unpretentious.
• Round sums: no such thing as 149,99 - just 150.
• Whenever I visit one of the Monki stores, they always play awesome music.
• Their sizes are the real shit. Small is small. Medium is medium. Large is large.
Monki Television!
• Creativity instead of conformity.
• You know how sometimes I complain about not having Urban Outfitters or Sephora here in Norway? Well, I have Monki and you don't.

Sweater, Dress & Tights - Monki
Shoes - Soft Grey • Headband - A Lovely Shop in Paris


  1. I would love to shop there, that jumper is very pretty!

  2. I had to investigate the Monki website, Adeline. And you're right; it's amazing and so are you for buying that sweater. The sale part of the website had me drooling. You rock, lady!

  3. tell me about it, I love love Monki! I get someone to help me buy stuff from Monki in Hong Kong but dang, a store here would be super. I love that pom pom sweater you have on, best colour combination ever.

  4. Oh Adeline, you always wear the best colour combos EVER! This has got to be my favourite yet. And I love Monki too, though I've only been in a store once - on holiday in Stockholm. Hopefully again soon (or ONLINE SHOPPING PLEASEEEE).

  5. OH GOD just found out they actually have an online shop AND ship to Belgium. This is gonna end disastrous..

  6. Les grands esprits se rencontrent j'ai aussi acheté cette robe :)


  7. I've seen a few jumpers like that here, why haven't I bought one? I love the dress!

  8. I've only been there once! But I'll probably be in the neighborhood again today so I might just pop in. The only thing I own from there are a pair of awesome socks I got for my birthday:) But now I'm curious about those receipts...

    There are Sephoras in my country, but sadly, and oddly, not in Amsterdam. And I'm so desperately wishing for and Urban Outfitters to open up here. My favorite cd/dvd store is closing and that building would be THE perfect place for an Urban Outfitters, but there's going to be just another basic clothing store:(

    Love these outfits!

  9. but but but but... i don't have any of them here in australia!! no monki, no urban outfitters, no sephora!! *sad panda*

  10. Oh, great, have a nice trip!

    Yeah, to visit UO I always have to wait till I'm in Belgium. It's really only a 2 and a half hour drive, but still I go once a year max.

  11. Dang I they only shipped to the US.

  12. that is the sweetest outfit. i can only imagine the looks i would get here in australia wearing something like that. i love the colours!

  13. I swear if I went out and bought that sweater, the dots would hit me in awkward spots. I have bad luck like that.


  14. those tights are fantastic!