Monday, 3 October 2011

A Trivial Guide To Prettiness - Part Two

Hello lovelies! Here comes your daily fix of unicorns!

I thought I'd do a quick update of my trivial guide as I started using a few new products. 

Remember how I said (wrote) I hadn't found the perfect lipstick yet? Well, I'm happy to say that - thanks to Tammy - I found the perfect one! It's easy to apply, it doesn't dry out my lips and the colours are gorgeous. Plus, there's a unicorn on it. See? Perfection.


First, this is what an average Lush store looks like (both in France and Norway and I assume everywhere else).

Funky, huh? Well, I'm not fourteen anylonger and this doesn't appeal to me. If it wasn't for Diana's and Liz's praises, I would never have set foot there. Messy and overwhelming. I don't like the product names either, they make it impossible for a newbie like me to find anything. Both sellers were very nice and helpful and following my motto "try everything at least once", I went out with three products. 

And yes, I love each of them. I'm currently using Imperialis (moisturizer),  Angels on Bare Skin (cleanser) & Silky Underwear (I hate that name though, especially as I use it as a dry shampoo!). However, I'm still not sure whether I'll go back there once I've run empty... 

• About Dry Shampoo

If, like me, you don't like spending hours styling your hair or you don't want to wash it too often, dry shampoo is your ally. It's a powder that absorbs impurities and oil on your hair and gives you another couple of days before you have to wash it. Love it.

Great tutorial about how to wash your brushes. Easy and cheap? Yes please.

Last but not least:

Seriously, the prettiest nail polish in the whole universe.

And that's it! 
Now, if you have tips to share, I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Ooh, I should look into dry shampoo. I was thinking about it because it seemed so handy, but never really took any action.

    I love Lush! Too bad they don't make their black shampoo anymore. Though a shop girl was nice enough to give me 3 leftover bars they weren't allowed to sell:D Don't worry though, I gave her chocolate;)

    After seeing that nail polish, I think over at Katrina's, I was head over heels. Thankfully found a similar one here. It is super hard to get off your nails again, but totally worth it!!!

  2. I love this and I love that nail polish!!

  3. I hate the layout of LUSH stores and I am not 100% sold on their products. I prefer beauty products that I make myself.

  4. Tu l'as acheté le vernis !! Haha !
    Bon ça ne m'étonne absolument pas, einh.

  5. i love dry shampoo too!!

    re lush.. their stores in australia look exactly the same. i don't know, for me the really strong smell comes out of that shop just puts me off...

  6. What color did you get of that lipstick?? They look gorgeous!

    One thing about that brush cleaning tutorial - I read it's really bad to get water into the brush ferrules, so point the brush down when you are using the sink.

    I've been using this tutorial

    but I may need to try that more inexpensive route!

  7. I love angels on bare skin but I hate lush stores and their pushy sales people (might just be the UK) I normally just go in for what I want but always get stopped by smiley people, bah (reading this, I'm obviously a complete grump lol)