Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Champagne Year

Drawing by Naomi.

Dear October - I don't know what you did to me. I didn't feel like taking photos, I didn't know what to tweet about (not that I give it that much thought usually), I felt rather uninspired and I was too tired/busy to care. 

November, however, you are oh so exciting. I thought you were all cold and boring and you proved me wrong. Ada celebrated her third birthday; Astrid and I relaunched Her & DerI'll be in Copenhagen in a week and then *insert smiling face* LONDON to visit Mademoiselle Robot and finally meet some of my favourite people: Hello Naomi! Hello Warren! Hello hello hello! 

And for those of you who use Spotify, here's a little playlist: 
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  1. don't beat yourself up.. it happens sometimes..You need to put back the creativity so taking a break is good.. love your photos.. Carla

  2. Jolie manière d'aborder l'hiver :) Moi aussi cette année c'est Octobre qui m'a tuée. Novembre a l'air plus cool, je prends !
    Enjoy !!

  3. I've always found November to be a great month, but most people do think of it as dull, grey and depressing. Hope you enjoy what's left of it.

    Also, love Naomi's drawing!