Friday, 18 November 2011

Have you met La Mystérieuse Bibliothécaire?

Collage by Lorelai

If there's something I love about Athena, it's her care for details. She happens to have the best taste when it comes to combining colours and her blog is a great source of inspiration where she also shared great music tips. Even though she was stuck in bed with a bad fever, she took some time to answer my questions and I'm superhappy to finally feature her here. 

Meet Athena.

* Chit-chat

• First, could you tell me a little bit about yourself?
A 20+ librarian who works as a press officer and dreams to be a museum curator. 
And like every other ordinary girl I’m into shoes, floral skirts in winter, my fluffy cat, my new canon, green and purple together, bicycle rides, louis garrel and guillaume canet, indie music, satchel bags and sunny afternoons.
• When and how and why did you start blogging?
My first blog post was almost three years ago.
Nothing great, no unforgettable story behind the birth of my blog. This is what happens when you read so many blogs per day and at a point you go like “hey, I can do it too” and I found it to be the perfect way to share my interests with other lovely people.
• How much time do you devote to blogging on a weekly basis?
It really depends on my creativity, if I have a nice idea for a photoshoot or some good music worth to post, then I’m going to spend a lot of time in front of my laptop, preparing my clothes or editing the photos.
• What do you like the most about blogging? What do you like the least?
All the new friends I have made through these years… ok... that’s a typical answer but so so true.
Some of my best friends at the moment used to be just another blog follower two years ago. 
What I like the least? Hmm… well, I have to say all those girls who think that just by having a fashion blog, you automatically are a fashion editor.
• How would you describe your blog? How did it evolve over time?
My blog started as a fashion blog…. after three years of blogging I have grow up and obviously so has my blog.
I now can describe my blog as a diary about style, music, photos and everything I’m into at the moment.

* Fashion

• How would you describe your style?

At the moment I’m so into high waisted shorts, oversized sweaters and knee socks but at the same time you can find me wearing colourful tights and peter pan collar dresses. Everything with a retro hint on.

• Name your favorite brands, shops... 

Name one girl who doesn’t love h&m, zara, primark, topshop, ameican vintage, urban outfitters or american apparel.

I do online shopping and my favourite thing is to discover new online shops everyday… ok… except from some classic ones like asos, modcloth, yesstyle and dahlia fashion.

Etsy, is also a great place to buy something unique from independent designers with great talent. Oh! And I have a thing for vintage shopping too… yes… my shop list is just too long.

• Any particular inspiration? Do you have a style icon?

I can name a lot of famous fashion icons like Zooey Deschanel or classic ones like Francoise Hardy, but my best inspiration is searching through blogs, flickr’s wardrobe remix or fashion sites like lookbook for those real girls with the absolute style.

• Do you have guiding principles when it comes to creating an outfit? Colours for instance? How do you create an outfit?

I’m trying to be open-minded and dare to try on new styles and different colour combinations.
In some occasions, I can go wrong -it can happened to everyone- but most of the time I discover new ways to wear my clothes that I’ve never thought of before.

• What's the last piece of clothing you fell for?

Aww.. It has to be this cute top from zara. Lace in nude colour and a tiny black peter pan collar. Lace is a girl’s best retro friend.

• What's the next one you'd like to get?

I’m thinking of giving a second chance to all my old clothes that I don’t wear anymore rather than buying new ones, at the moment (crisis it is). It’s like a detox from shopping. 

* Life (and a good measure of curiosity)

• Other hobbies, beside fashion?

Due to fact that I hated all kind of sports since I was a child, all I was left with were arts and crafts... So, I grew up taking art lessons and then started illustration for children’s book and artistic bookbinding.

• Do you collect anything?

Postcards and flyers from all around the world... Everytime, I’m travelling abroad (or when a friend does) I come back home with a package of flyers in different colours and shapes.

• Favourite book?

It depends on the emotional period I’m in at the time. One of my favourite books for the last four months is Lisbon from Fernado Pessoa, but, I can’t be objective, the book was a gift from a special friend and Lisbon is one of my best cities to live.

• Favourite movie?

So many, I’m sure I am going to forget one… Well, I’m a big fan of French movies like “Jeux d'enfants”, “Chansons d’amour”, “Dans Paris” and more independent movies like “Dear Wendy”.
But there’s always place for a classic Disney movie like “The Aristocats”.

• Favourite music?

Guitars, synths and The Beach Boys… 40’s and 50’s music is always on my mp3 (nope, I don’t own an iPod!) and indie music from Chile and Peru is my latest obsession.

• Favourite food?

I cannot live without sushi, mushrooms, tapas, falafel, pasta and traditional greek dishes. I do EAT a lot.

• Favourite place?

My dream places to be are Chile and Europe’s amazing cities such as Lisbon (again!) and Barcelona.
Even though, my favourite place at the moment could be my bed and my super comfortable mattress – my high fever is talking for me.

Σας ευχαριστώ Αθηνά.

All photos belong to La Mystérieuse Bibliothécaire
Please do not use them without her permission.


  1. this is a wonderful post about a really talented blogger! i really enjoyed the interview and the way you presented athena. cograds!

  2. ela re to koutromanaki to agapame! eisai i thea moy!

  3. thank you for introducing me to her!