Monday, 28 November 2011

Just a minute ...

... in November.

Watching... Pina. Magic.
Listening... to this song again and again and again.
Buying... a cape, awesome tights and a few Christmas gifts.
Drinking... pistachio milkshake.
Wearing... purple nail polish with glitter top coat.
Going to... Copenhagen & London!!!!!!!!
Loving... this, more than words can ever tell.

"Dance, dance... otherwise, we are lost" 
- Pina Bausch.


  1.!! I can't stop watching it, so amazing.

  2. pistachio milkshake sounds really good, sinfully good...
    and, your upcoming trips are exciting --- you are so cosmopolitan, adeline! okay, i'm off to watch Pina. by the way, thanks for sharing 'the here and after' -- loved it.

  3. just got back from watching pina -- fun! okay, i found it a bit odd at first. but when the music began to play, it all made sense. :D

    speaking of dancing, i thought this might amuse you:

  4. Heya girl! Missed you and your blog! (it's not to blame you but me!)

    Haven't watched Pina yet. I should be ashamed as I've written about it months ago already!
    Lucky you, Copenhagen & London! Jealous!

  5. zomg that pina trailer is AMAZING, are they ever going to come to australia???

    ps i want pistachio milkshake!!