Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Talking about wardrobe minimalism... with Diana.

• First of all, can you see it working out for you? Ever tried? Pros and cons?
I did try wardrobe minimalism and I loved it. It was this Summer when I moved, I only packed what I really needed and would function well. 
The pros: No need to think twice about getting dressed. Everything goes with everything. With a minimalist state of mind, money and the environment are saved. 
The Cons: Going from extreme hoarding to minimalism was an emotional thrill. Just like any emotional thrill having it’s “high” feeling, I also dealt with a lot of “low” feelings. I missed clothing but in a way it was a Pro, it gave me a different perspective on my self esteem. 

• How is your wardrobe organized? 
My wardrobe goes from coats to dresses to shirts. Most of what I’ve kept I’m able to hang. When you hang all your clothing, there is a great visual of what you own.

• Any special tips and tricks you feel like sharing?
I think when people think of minimalist wardrobe, they think one shirt and one pair of pants. That’s extreme minimalism. To me, it’s about saving time, ultimately knowing your worth without clothing and having the discipline to say no to fleeting trends. I also never felt “good enough” for downsizing. I always felt I had to live a life of stress when it came to my closet, but I’ve treated myself different and it’s changed my perspective on everything.

• Make a quick inventory. How many pairs of shoes do you own? How many dresses?
I have 5 pairs of shoes I wear often. Dresses, I own 6 dresses, 2 of them of the same dress. 1 pair of jeans, and 2 pairs of black pants.

• What is your weakness?
Anything limited edition, hard to find, or collectible. I have 2 pairs of shoes that cost 3 times their worth because they are still in the box and collected but I’d never wear them. 

• What is your shopping routine? 
When I go shopping, I know I exactly what I’m looking for, and it’s problem. I’ve stuck to brands I’m familiar with and I don’t have to waste time trying on and searching racks for hours.

• Tell us about your favourite piece of clothing.
My favorite piece has to be my Saint James Lucien shirt. It can be dressed up, paired with other prints, and just looks so chic and cool. 

Words & Photos by Diana.


  1. Thanks for having me, Adeline ^_^

  2. Inspiring post! I love this idea and think I'll go this route at some point. I'm just sort of putting it off.

    But everything going with everything? Sounds amazing!

  3. this was a great post. makes we want to clear out my closet...or at least organize it and pack away the stuff I hardly ever wear.

  4. I need to do this! I'm just scared :/

  5. This is so helpful for me to read!

  6. Absolutely loved this piece! I identify with the minimalism part so much right now. "No need to think twice about getting dressed. Everything goes with everything." WORD, Diana!

    Great collab ladies :D (my favourite ladies!)

  7. i love this interview. and very inspiring! i feel like cleaning up and revamping my wardrobe now.

  8. So proud of you Diana! You've come a long way, baby.

  9. i don't think i could do it. i do pull things out and sell at buffalo exchange or i donate other things.
    i might be changing my tune very soon, however. if we redo the floors, i'll have to do a major clean out.

  10. gosh, diana, your closet and wardrobe are to die for. ♥

  11. Great post, really interesting to read, I love hearing about how people struggle/ thrive on Minimalisation. Great tips for efficient wardrobe choices and dressing, I love your colours Diana! Katie. xxx

  12. Inspiring post! I love this idea and think I'll go this route at some point. I'm just sort of putting it off.