Wednesday 23 November 2011

Seeing Voices

You may not know this but I can Sign Language. I used to speak it on a daily basis when I still lived in France and it's actually one of the few things I miss from my life back there. This video was a sweet reminder of some of projects I had regarding my favourite language and I hope you'll love this movie as much as I do. - Adeline. 

"As a result of being born deaf, my perceiving process is shaped by American Sign Language interpreters, subtitles on television, written conversations on paper, emails, and text messages. These communication modes convey, filtered and limited information, which naturally leads to a loss of content and a delay in communication. Thus, my understanding of reality is filtered, and even potentially distorted. This is at the core of my practice as an artist and through this I am now able to take ownership of sound. I perform, vocalize, and/or visually translate them based on legitimacy of my perception." - Christine Sun Kim.

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