Monday, 28 February 2011

Just a minute ... February.

Watching... The Big Bang Theory. Laughing a lot.

Reading... Icelandic grammar. I'm that weird.

Listening... to this song. A lot. 

Buying... shoes & make-up

Going... to Oslo Fashion Week with Mademoiselle Robot. Lucky me.

Loving... good breakfasts in good company.

Wanting... her outfit, her glasses and her hair colour... click here.

Smiling... at my own silliness. 

More here.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Things I Like To Discover About People

I usually don't get very personal here but when I saw Bianca's post: 'Things I Like To Discover About People' - I felt like sharing a little bit more than usual...

* Late seventies, my grandma sits in the middle, surrounded by my cousins. The young man on the right is my dad.

* In school, I had long curly hair and glasses. Yes, I straighten my hair and wear contacts, the truth is out. 

* And this is what I sound like when I laugh:

Monday, 21 February 2011

Le Sac Des Filles

Remember me saying I never wear heels? Remember me having a massive wardrobe detox/inventory and talking about minimalism? Well, obviously you can't believe a word I say (or type) as I've just bought two new pairs of shoes. Blame Monki. Blame a massive sale at Shoe Lounge

Anyway, I'm starting two new series. The first one 'borderline minimalist' will document all of my wardrobe over the next months. I'm thinking of getting rid of stuff at the end of each season, hoping for my wardrobe to gain efficiency by the end of the year. The second series 'ten ways to wear that little black dress' will start with my next post. That dress was actually never featured here before even though I wear it a lot. I'm looking forward to finding new ways of wearing it.

Black Skirt: Monki • Pumpkin Shirt: Monki
Low Boots: KMB • Socks: American Apparel 
Lipstick: Morange by MAC

More here: Weardrobe.

I'm not one of those girls who spends ten minutes looking for something in her purse. I only have tiny purses. I've had big purses before but I've always found them cumbersome and ended up never using them.

In my purse: Wallet: Becksöndergaard • Keys • iPhone • Chewing Gum • Pocket Mirror: The Body Shop • Lip Balm: Burt's Bees • Lip Stick: MAC • Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden • That's it!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Le Secret Des Banquises

I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, I don't read fashion magazines, I don't know what the latest trends are, all I care about is streetstyle and window shopping. I follow only five fashion blogs and I don't care about fashion week. My fashion icons are Björk and Lady Gaga and my favourite accessories are tattoos. 

My friends tease me quite often about shopping and many of them are surprised at how tiny my wardrobe actually is. Whenever I buy something, I get rid of something else. I call it the expat syndrome: ready to move to another country anytime. 

Vintage Dress - Wash With Care

So I made a quick inventory for you and *drumrolls* I own:

* 20 nail paints (Did you know Ashley owns 135 nail polishes?!!!)
* 15 skirts
* a yellow tutu
* 10 dresses
* 2 pants and 2 shorts
* 15 pairs of shoes
* 10 plastic dolls
* 6 snow globes
* a broken Rubik's Cube
* 10 cameras
* 15 rings
* 2 hats
* 14 purses
* and 9 pairs of sunglasses.

And I can pack all of it in my big fat backpack. Almost.
Now you go ahead and tell me if you own less than me!

Monday, 14 February 2011

A Photographic Diary: Te Maari

"I'm a museums person so I have an unhealthy compulsion to document and catalogue things. Photography for me is a way of documenting and cataloguing my life through pictures. I'll photograph new thrift store finds, pretty fabrics and things I find delightful whilst out doing my daily business. I know very little about the ins and outs of photography and dont actually own my own digital camera. I'll use my dads point and shoot for quick blog photos, my diana mini when I want to pretend my life is one never ending dream and a disposable camera when I want photos with that beautiful grainy type quality. Maybe one day I'll hand over my precious pennies for a fancy DSLR. Maybe..."

A self-portrait...



She lives on the opposite side of the globe but I know that if we ever meet, we'll have a blast. I can't explain it, I just know it.

Meet Te Maari

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Clonette [History, Love & Give-Away]

Traditionally, African dolls were carved out of wood or made out of fabric offcuts. This plastic doll, known as Clonette, was born during the colonial era and was made in Ghana. It was the first mass-produced doll in Africa and it still can be found on markets nowadays.

Ironically, this doll looks nothing like African. (On a side note, many of us grew up with Barbie and... ahem... we don't exactly look like Barbie.) The Clonette doll has been quite popular in France for a few years since she started appearing in design shops. I guess her retro style speaks to all of us: she's a sweet reminder of our lost childhood. Since I got started with Ada's blog, I've been asked many (and I mean MANY) times where I bought her and how to purchase one of her sisters. 

I tried to get in touch with Filles du Facteur, the organization selling them but my emails went unanswered. I don't know if they ship internationally and their shop is only in French. So here's a little tutorial for those of you who'd like to buy one of these dolls.

* Visit Filles du Facteur.
* Select a colour:

♡ red - rouge
♡ pink - rose
♡ purple - violet
♡ green - vert
♡ black - noir

* Click on 'j'achète' (via PayPal)

If you have any trouble, get in touch with 


I have one of these dolls for you! 

To enter, leave me a comment telling me what name you would give her and which colour you would like her to be. The give-away will end on February 20th. Spread the word, spread the love!

The Give-Away is closed.

Monday, 7 February 2011

A Photographic Diary: Valerie

"My name is Valerie Chiang and I am eighteen-years old. I live and thrive in the American South, nourished by the imagination and wisdom of poets from bygone years. I photograph because I can create something that can never happen in real life. It is a way of preserving memories, so that I can remember even if I have forgotten."

A self-portrait...



Meet Valerie

Friday, 4 February 2011

Det er mig der holder træerne sammen...

Talking Trees - Part Five

Read about the project here.

"Saving the world,
one smile at a time."


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Life In A Cube

Norwegian Winter - Part 2
Layers, layers, layers.


1. I actually had another woollen jumper over my cardigan on that day.
2. To manage to walk on icy sidewalks, you have to do (quoting Nikki) "small fairy steps". 
3. Never underestimate the power of wollen soles. 
4. I'm getting rid of my bob as you read this.
5. I lovelovelove that song.

Outfit details here