Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just a minute ...

... in June.

Getting...  completely spoiled by Madame Maman.

Buying... unusual maps (thanks Laura!) and a Tinkerbell brooch.

Listening... to the Shins

Loving... travelling by train

Going... to stay in Oslo for a little while. 


A huge thank you to Naomi, Diana, Ashley, Katrina & Aline for taking care of Lady Croissant while I was away. Hope you guys enjoyed their guest posts as much as I did.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Be my guest... Aline.

I have oh-so-much in common with my friend Adeline, but one thing that we both especially fancy are tutus!!! I find a kindred spirit in the girl who isn't afraid the house looking like a ballerina! :)

Our adorable Adeline in her tutu.

The only picture I can find where you can see mine.
(I apologize for the action dance shot)


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Be my guest... Katrina.

Hey folks, Adeline asked me to write a little somethin' about the things we have in common. I made a collage of six things we love, but wouldn't you know it, right after I finished the collage, I thought of something else: we're both camera junkies and we both own Diana Minis and Fuji Instant Cameras (Instax Mini).

Some things we have in common and love:

1. Clonette dolls
2. Nail polish (ie. the ones that sparkle and glitter)
3. We both love this blouse (in fact, Adeline gave it to me)

4. Instagram and the Early Bird filter
5. Washi tape
6. Pom poms.


Monday, 20 June 2011

Be my guest... Ashley.



Hello there! My name is Ashley, I blog over at That is All, and I love Adeline.

She and I actually have a lot in common - the love of dolls (ok, ok...maybe counting Domo as a doll is stretching it), the love of photography, the love of makeup, the love of pretty clothes...

It’s actually the love of clothes that I want to talk about today. Well, let me be more specific - it’s the love of getting rid of clothes.

I know what you are thinking - craziness! But one of the greatest gifts that Adeline gave me was this post about her wardrobe detox. It totally spurred me into my own closet purge.

In addition to Adeline’s tips, I’d like to share some of my own...


1. ROYGBIV: If you talk to my family they may try to convince you that I have some OCD tendencies. True or not, my closet is arranged by colors. It honestly makes picking outfits fun. Try it!

pin up girl shoes


black high heels

2. Identify Your Weakness. Do you have tons of floral dresses? A plethora of striped tops? Way too many bow ties? The first step is to identify this. I’ll give you an example - my weakness is pretty shoes. Now that I’m armed with this information the next time I’m running through Nordstroms and see “the pair” I can remember the ungodly amount of shoes I already own. Now, I’m not perfect and there is still a chance I may buy the shoes, so I found some good storage that gets my shoes off the floor.


3. No More Hangers. After I followed Adeline’s instructions, and my closet was filled with only things I wear and love, I gave away ALL my extra hangers. I made a promise to myself that I would buy no more hangers. So if I bring home a super cute top, guess what? That’s right - something has to go from my closet so I will have room.

I got rid of more than half my wardrobe, but I honestly feel like I have more to wear. Sometimes the universe is crazy like that. ;)

That is all.


Friday, 17 June 2011

Be my guest... Diana.

Adeline and I have much in common, but one thing that does make me think of her is color. After informing brainwashing my head with what nail polish chemicals do to the female body, I threw out all my nail polish (I know one person who would cringe at this). I researched a bit, and finally came to purchase a Deborah Lippmann color. Yes, it was safe! It was also bright, fun, and reminded me to play a little, even with my makeup. Adeline is a perfect example to have fun, relax, and to always wear color. With this mantra in mind, I decided to make my polish brighter. Thanks, Adeline!

Deborah Lippman Daytripper

Deborah Lippmann's Daytripper


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Be my guest... Naomi.

What up Adeline-lovers, I'm crashing this blog to educate you all about mine and Adeline's mutual love.


Just the thought of them makes me feel all gangster and shit.

We love 'em and these are some of my favourites that have been saved, printed out and used to wallpaper my house.

First up, my doctor:

My roommate (don't hate, propogate [unicorns]):

My jamz:

My hobby (I be crafting):

How I meet guyz:


What I be eatin':


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Monday, 13 June 2011

To Infinity... And Beyond!

• Tuesday. Trip to Bergen.
• Wednesday. Trip to Hardanger.
• Thursday. Back in Oslo. Laundry and packing.
• Friday. Flying to France.
• Monday. Flying back to Oslo... with my mom. (!!!)
• Wednesday. Trip to Stavanger.
• Saturday. Back in Oslo.
• Monday. My mom flies back to France. Sad face.
• Tuesday. Back at work. 

My favourite ladies will take care of Lady Croissant while I'm away 
and I'll back in July with tons of photos to share.

Till then, take care

Monday, 6 June 2011

How to turn a crappy photo into a home-made polaroid.

It started with two polaroids that came out black and some overexposed diana prints. Add some masking tape and use your beloved label maker.

Et voilĂ !