Friday, 29 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Taking Oslo Back

"The last few days have been heavy and unreal. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has lost someone or in some other way has been affected by the tragedy in the centre of Oslo and at Utøya. We send our condolences and compassion to the people who are struggling right now. These are times for mourning and reflection, and we know that many will now have to use all their time and energy on working through what has happened. In the midst of all this, we find it important that our city and its citizens shall not be broken by what happened this weekend. Organisers of concerts and events in Oslo have jointly agreed that this shall not stop us. The Police, the Government and the general audience have expressed a strong wish that Oslo resumes some kind of normality as soon as possible. Together with the population of Oslo and visitors from abroad we wish to take our city back. Festivals, concerts and other cultural or sports events are meant to be arenas for common experiences, unity and positive impressions during hard times. We hope that our events can help ease the sadness and also be good meeting places in the days and weeks to come. We wish to take Oslo back by once again filling it with the great variety of cultural activities this city is known for and also by spreading a clear message that our population wants to take care of each other."

Now do me a favour, pretty please, take a few more minutes to read this and if you feel like it, join. Thank you.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blogging is the last thing on my mind at the moment and I'm sure you can all understand why. Thanks for you sweet messages, they're all very appreciated.


Saturday, 16 July 2011

[Time Machine] Three Years Ago In Ireland

Eire - March 2008

"Our blogs are our sacred homes in cyberspace and when a guest is blatantly rude, I think they should get kicked out!" - Katrina

Visit Galit's blog to see some Fuji'roids I took on a boat in Western Norway... and a have a beautiful week-end!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Miscellaneous is one of my favourite words...

Too much happening at the moment - time for a list!

• Job interview last Friday for a dream job I've had on my mind for years... Cross your fingers for me pretty please?

• Lots of 'roids to scan, a video to edit and a guest post to write and ahem.. no time at all.

• Went to the movies to see Midnight in Paris... LOVED it. I don't joke with caps lock.

• Tatiana wrote a great post about social media. I'm currently deleting a lot of content from my Facebook profile (and looking forward to getting Google+) so this post definitely hit a raw nerve.

• Katrina shared some of her favourite magazines - warning: EYE CANDY!

Ada has just visited Chicago. She's now on her way to Mexico!

• I was also featured on Paper Lilies & French Toast and Our City Lights and their kind words put a huuuge smile on my face. Go say hello?

• Last but not least, Rhianne wrote about bloggers who use analog cameras and her posts (part one • part two) are real gems!

Hope you guys are well. 
From Oslo, with love,