Monday, 9 January 2012

An Experiment in Simplicity - Part Three: Don't Let Clutter Get Back In

A little while ago, I mentioned getting rid of the mess... 

I know it didn't look messy at all to most of you but in my quest for minimalism, this part of my bedroom was driving me nuts. Ok, maybe not nuts but I sure didn't like the way my necklaces were displayed and my bookshelf was full of stuff. Stuff. Even though it was full of things I liked, it was full of things I never used simply because I had forgotten about most of them. The more you have, the less you see what you have.

I gave books away, I discarded bags of paper - brochures, pages, articles - I had been keeping ever since I moved in. I couldn't believe how much clutter I had around. I had no idea getting rid of it would make such a difference. I took everything out, reorganized all of it and I can now see what I have and make better use of it. I found out I don't want to have many books. I want books that inspire me, books that I actually read and even reread.

• Read: Closet Resolutions by Little Tin Soldier.
• Listen: Hearts by I Break Horses.
• Watch: The Artist with Jean Dujardin.



  1. Love The Circus Club Dollies!!!!! Where did you get them?

  2. Cute! :) Awesome shots, following you now!

  3. I did a good declutter too and I appreciate and use a lot more of my things now, amazing the difference it can make!

  4. I want to watch The Artist!! You reminded me of that.

  5. Decluttering as I type. Just dug out the deep recesses of a kitchen cupboard. Scary stuff but feeling... Light... Offloading a lot of utter junk.

  6. just came over from Pugly Pixel after seeing Katrina's post featuring her latest link loves. your blog is smashing Adeline, and i also hear you loud and clear about clutter clean out. recently did a big purge myself and the boyf sorta shook his head not really understanding what the hub-bub was about. baha! thanks for the extra validation about hanging tough when others are in doubt : )

    kudos on feeling the fire and going with it for fab results. love your collection of nesting dolls too, very darling array of goodness.

    um, i have to also say the Ryan Adams quote from your sidebar is amazing!!! i've been told before that i speak with too many exclamation points and it made me feel rather lousy to hear. i believe the same as you, we should be who we are and celebrate life however we choose. never apologize is right! thank you again for reminding me of that. cheers to a grand 20twelve. ♥

  7. I like your goal... you have me thinking of books I don't really want to keep anymore. I definitely need to do the same! Also, I love the I Break Horses song. It has been downloaded and will be on heavy rotation this weekend.

    Hope you're having a great one Adeline!♥