Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Fashionary

I've never called my blog a fashion blog intentionally. There are real fashion bloggers out there, they know what they talk about and do a great job documenting the latest trends. I would never compare my blog to theirs.

I didn't have much style as a teenager and I wouldn't say I was interested in my own style before I turned 18. Leaving home to study in a bigger city was probably the trigger. All of a sudden, I lived 5 minutes from one the longest shopping streets in Europe. After only two years in Bordeaux, I had changed drastically. It took me years before finding what I wanted my style to be and feeling confident about it. It was a long and tricky process but I've learned a lot along the way and that's the reason why I felt like starting this blog and documenting my style and inspiration.

I followed Paris Fashion Week for years while I still lived in France, I would watch the shows on TV and read articles in the magazine my mom bought every Sunday. I remember Kenzo & Ungaro initiating my love for color. And then I moved to Oslo and had to start from scratch. Learning about Scandinavian designers wasn't exactly my priority but eventually I caught up. I went to Fashion Night Out in New York with Jacob and had a blast. Laetitia (aka Mademoiselle Robot) came to Oslo and took me to Fashion Week and I didn't feel like I didn't belong. Fam Irvoll's show convinced me Fashion could (and should) be fun.

However I never felt I knew enough about Fashion. See: Fashion with a big F, scary. I am very interested in style and clothes and shoes and glasses but without caring much for names and labels. 

And then I found out about Fashionary.

The name 'Fashionary' comes from Fashion + Dictionary + Diary. And only this sounds like perfection to me. It's a sketchbook combined with quasi-exhaustive fashion information and figure templates. I'm still brainstorming about how to make most out of these templates without ruining them but I already know I want to go through the dictionary from A to Z. 

Here's the list of contents:
• Measurement Tools
• Brands Index
• Books & Bookmarks
• Body Measurement
• Patterns & Flat Drawings
• Specs Sheets
• Fabric Dictionary
• Colour & Printing
• Laundry Labels
• Seams & Stiches
• Typography & Boards
  • • Fashion Events

I'll make sure to post some of the templates once I've customized them. Can't wait to get started! 

Read more about Fashionary here.


  1. you really opened my eyes...
    this was what i was looking for a long time! thnx

  2. I love your style...dork <3

  3. great tool indeed! I bought the red special edition on but I think it's sold out :_(