Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Have you met Hey Dickface?

She shares my love for unicorns and Lady Gaga. Which obviously is a pretty good start. She's had pretty much every hair colour you can think of. Which I'm very jealous of. She's both a cute Frenchie and a hot mama and I just love how eclectic and playful her style is. I love her boldness, I love her sense for colour.

Meet Katia.

* Chit-chat

• First, could you tell me a little bit about yourself?  
I'm 24, I live in Cannes for the moment, I love photography, I often change my hair colour, I love ponies, cats and unicorns and of course I love fashion.
• When did you start blogging and why?
I started very young when I was in high school, with Skyblog just to pass the time and then it became more personal with my pictures and finally a real blog on blogspot in 2007.
• How much time do you devote to blogging on a daily basis?
Not much because when my article is online I just have to read comments, moderate them and answers them if a question is asked.  The thing that takes the longest is taking pictures because I'm a maniac, I want them to be perfect in every detail, then I edit them quickly, post them and voilà!
• What do you like the most about blogging? What do you like the least?
To share my thoughts and pictures with people who can be so far from me but with a blog it makes us feel closer. What I like the least, I think, it would be like anyone else: nasty and anonymous comments!

* Fashion

• How would you describe your style?
Honestly I don't know, loads of people ask me this question but I can't answer. I like to change, a day I will wear a studded leather jacket with creeper shoes and the next day it will be a vintage floral dress with some cute flats etc.
I just love vintage, kitch stuff, colourful clothes and to mix everything, I like looking like an old lady or bad taste kind!
•Name your favourite brands, shops... 

Asos, Topshop, Etsy, Ebay, Urban Outfitters, Yard Sales, Vintage Shops, JCDC, Jeremy Scott, I'm Your Present… 
•Any particular inspiration? Do you have a style icon?

Not really.. everything inspires me :)
• Do you have guiding principles when it comes to creating an outfit? Colours for instance? How do you create an outfit?

I like to mix patterns togethers like dots with stripes.. I like colourblock outfits too! I don't really have a guide when I create an outfit, I just put something that I like with another thing and voilà. Also when I buy something, usually I already know how I'm going to wear it, with which item - if not I don't buy it.
• What's the last piece of clothing you fell for? 

A custom denim jacket, I'm going to receive it soon so I'm going to blog about it of course!
• What's the next one you'd like to get?

I want my hair to be pink again… Not exactly clothing but it's part of my look, right? :)

• Would you say your tattoos help you defining/asserting your style? Or is it something completely independent from your style? 

I guess it's independent but it's also a part of my style... I don't really know... I also think that it's maybe why people visit my blog because it makes me a little different from other bloggers :)

* Life (and a good measure of curiosity)
• Other hobbies, beside fashion?
Photography, traveling, eating (haha), going to the movies.. like everybody else I guess :)
• Do you collect anything?
Rings.. shoes.. cameras!
• Favourite book?
It's a shame but I don't read books, I read blogs, website, fashion magazines but that is all!
• Favourite movie?
Any comedy movie! I just love to laugh, I never watch any drama movie or horror movies because I'm a pussy and it makes me scared at night!
• Favourite music?
Pop! Rock! Anything I don't have a special one.. I listen to everything I can, from the Spice Girls to Marylin Manson. 
• Favourite food?
PIZZA! Or maybe Ice Cream? Oh god I can't choose.
• Favourite place?
London or Paris.

Merci Katia! 

All photos belong to Hey Dickface
Please do not use them without her permission.

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  1. Trop mignon cette mise en page et tout, en plus maintenant tu as vu sur mon dernier article j'ai les cheveux roses avec ma veste en jean dont je parle :)

  2. WHOA I also have a my little pony sleeve. I should meet this girl.

  3. LOVE Katia, her blog name is hilarious and she makes me yearn for her skin tone so I too could sport me some blue lipstick! Wonderful post Adeline...♥

  4. i want to steal her lipsticks!!!!

  5. Thank you for introducing me to Katia - my new style crush! xx

  6. What an awesome chic! Whenever I say I'm hungry my husband's reply is "eat a dick" so when I saw that second photo it totally cracked me up.

    ♥ sécia

  7. what a character! thanks, adeline --- i totally enjoyed her blog!

  8. This has helped me realise that I can totally do Ombre hair with a bob. High 5! Awesome post as usual.

  9. Saludos desde Perú!!