Monday 27 February 2012

Just a minute ...

... in February.

Fifi Lapin • Iris Apfel • Edna Mode

Watching... Star Wars!!!!!! All. Six. Episodes. Check. 
Listening... to Lara Del Rey, exclusively. I can't stand watching any of her videos but I do love her music.
Reading... about Afghanistan.
Buying... Glasses.
Eating... Lime Marmelade.
Drinking... Japanese Matcha Tea.
Sustainable Blogging by Katrina.
Andrew Millar via Rhianne.
. Ada. Always. 
Redesigning... both of my Tumblr's. Have a look!
. Lady Croissant's little sister
. My Norwegian thought box.

And if you wonder how to pronounce my name, here's the answer.

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