Monday, 26 March 2012

March Challenge - Be Inspired. Be Creative. Be Active.

Read more about March Challenge on Laura's blog.

The biggest challenge?
Keeping the distance, starting a project and completing it, stopping postponing.

Greatest achievement?
I started customizing a sweater and by customizing I mean spending hours sewing. It's still a work in process, I'm halfway through but I do look forward to wearing it soon! (And of course, telling everyone I made it!)

Anything you've done for the projects that you wouldn't have done otherwise?
I'm very impulsive and I rarely have regrets. March was all about doing things I hadn't done in a long time: wearing heels as soon as the snow had left the streets, eating ice-cream outside, wearing sunglasses, catching up with friends (stop saying someday but agree on a date). Getting rid of the winter lethargy.

Describe the projects in 3 words:
Better off offline.

Highlights of the challenge?
Once you don't spend your evening online, you sleep much better at night.
Once you don't measure what you've accomplished by how many comments or likes it received, you will rediscover the simple pleasure of sharing. 
Once you don't have an agenda for everything, you'll be much cooler.


  1. You're a princess everyday, you'd also make a cool evil queen tho

  2. like your photo updates on this project and so glad you join in!

  3. Aw this is amazing my sweet! The first image is my favorite. Looking forward to more project type posts! xxxxxo
    PS: what did you sew?

  4. Love you the last pic! You're so cute!