Sunday, 29 July 2012

Just a minute... July.

Starting July by attending a gig • Twin Shadow • and wearing tights. 

Oh Summer, where are you?

Finding... a new flat! Finally! Moving in August 15th. 
Buying... shoes. • badass sandals • gold brogues
Going out, dancing, having drinks, hanging out with friends - whenever I have time and forces left. As I type this, I've worked for thirty days without a single day off. July has been crazy and but I'm starting August with a smile upon my face.

 I was featured on Goodnight Little Spoon & With Care.
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  1. Hey! We're on the same schedule! (just posted a Moment in.. as well... :) )
    Congrats on your new flat!!
    You made me laugh with this, I was about to say, after reading your first line, that you're having too much fun for only one stylish girl, then read the 2nd sentence :)
    Here's to a fabulous August!! xx

  2. Yay August is my favourite month of the year, only because it's my month! So I hope August treats you well!

  3. Here's to a relaxing August lovely one! Sending you cross Atlantic hugs :)

  4. wow, you're wearing an awesome pair of ombre tights. they look really sweet... especially with those flats. love! can't wait to see your new place. :)

  5. wearing tights? so jealous right now!here is like hell!

  6. not only gorgeous legs, but also beautiful shoes! x

  7. Lovely. I hope that you get to take a break from working in August! 30 days in a row is crazy, ha!

    I also love the idea behind Ada. I kind of want to start my own little something like that! :)