Monday, 2 July 2012

Three Frenchies, One Dress.

It does feel good to find a dress you like, try it on and think it was made for you. 
It feels even better finding out two of your favourite bloggers bought it as well.


One dress, three ways to wear it.

The Newly Parisian • Hey Dickface

The Frenchy living in London • Mademoiselle Robot

The Frenchy living in Oslo • ahem... me.


Dress: Clarissa - Monki 
Previously seen here (winter outfit).  

Un grand merci à Katia et Laetitia! 


  1. that dress is darling and it look fantastic on the 3 of you!!

  2. Friends let friends wear cute dresses! This is such a happy post! :}

  3. What an absolutely DELIGHTFUL post!!!!!!! Love the frock! And your shoes are amazeballs lovely one!

  4. definitely a stellar dress! loving it ;D


  5. this rules! i love that style is inherent and not just subject to what clothes you put on. you all look excellent in this dress.